Saturday, February 02, 2008

My boyfriend

My boyfriend is coming back to town. He's been gone since September. We spend a ton of time together from the middle of March until the end of September... around 181 days. Sometimes in person, sometimes online, other times at home or even in my car. Some of our dates are better than others. At the end of some dates all I go home with is disapoointment - but other times, sheesh... thrilling and I can't wait until our next date. I always hope that our relationship will continue on into October but we consistently fall short of that goal.

Yes, I'm talking about the new baseball season and my Mariners. The 2008 season starts on March 31st. Spring Training on March 2nd.


Rex Zeitgeist said...

They need to get this Beddard trade DONE!

Kelly said...

Yeah - it's weird that the trade seems dead in the water. Guess because their owner is a control freak.