Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Capt. Victor Saracini 9/11/01

I have the honor of paying tribute to Capt. Victor Saracini,  Captain Saracini was 51 years old on 9/11/01.  Capt Saracini was flying United Airlines Flight 175.  Capt Saracini was a former Navy pilot, had been flying commercial jets since 1985.  He worked for United for about 16 years. 
Victor Saracini possessed a life-long love of learning, his wife Ellen said. He served in the Navy, where he trained as a pilot; he earned a bachelor's degree in general studies from New Mexico Tech in 1976; and he took engineering, science and music classes while at Louisiana Tech. 
Victor left behind two daughters and his wife Ellen.  Ellen has become an advocate of airline safety and spoke to the Subcommittee on Aviation regarding the safety of the flight crew and passengers:
The following messages have been left on to Victor and his family..... people sharing their memories of him.  He is missed and loved and I am so sorry you lost him.  We lost the best of the best that terrible day. 
August 17, 2011

To Ellen and the girls I know in a couple of days it will be Victors birthday. I have fond memories how we spent it and I remember Victor bringing you to visit at Argentine Airlines about the time of his birthday. I certainly will never forget his laughter. Fred Catchpole, Middleburg, Florida
Always remembering you my friend. Julio Oliva, Atlanta, Georgia
Ellen, just heard you and Mr Mellon, on radio...YOU GO GIRL ..the rest of us are behind you! Can't believe it hasn't been done before!!!
It's taken me a while...I miss you my friend. tony afflitto, westfield, Massachusetts
Thinking of you and your girls often. Ellen you've done a phenomenal job on the Garden of Reflection. Thank-you! Your commitment, dedication, love, and endless energy surpasses all that one can imagine! God Bless You and the Girls as you approach the anniversary date and may you receive lots of love and comfort.
Angela Cox, Lake Wylie, South Carolina
Ellen, Kirsten, Brielle,

On this 7th anniversary, people still remember Vic, and continue to wish you the best...and always will.
Tim Snider, AOCS 21-75 Lawton, Oklahoma
Your airline pilot brothers and sisters will not forget you Victor!  Captain Andrew McKinley, Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin
Ellen and the girls, I remember how proud Victor was when he brought you to my office in New York, I remember how proud he was of the first born and then the second. It is appropriate that I write this to let you know he is on my mind daily and especially today. As you know I taught Victor how to fly in the early part of his quest for his commercial, instrument, and multi engine ratings. I will always remember the good times he and I had. I hope that your grief is more tolerable and that life gives you and the girls everything Victor wanted to give you. He truly was crazy about you. Fred Catchpole

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