Friday, August 26, 2011

Herbert Homer 9/11/01

I have the honor of paying tribute to Herb Homer.  He was 48 years old on 9/11/01.  He worked for the Department of Defense.  Mr. Homer served as a US official coordinating government work by Raytheon Co. in Burlington. He began his 27-year federal career at the Defense Contract Management Agency's Raytheon office in 1974.  A member of First Congregational Church of Milford, he worked on several church committees and volunteered in the church nursery.  He was active with the Framingham chapter of the Jaycees, serving as a Special Olympics coach, and was a member of the Jaycees International Senate.
Herb was married and also left behind his parents and a brother.  Clearly Herb was a very smart guy as well as an altruistic American.
From I found many heartfelt messages to him and his family.... here are some of them:
Herb was our friend,and a great fellow Board member at the National Scoliosis Foundation. He was also our brother Jaycee who lived out the motto that service to humanity is the best work in life. Although eight years has passed, the memory of his spirit, his pleasant demeanor and willingness to lend a hand will never be forgotten. Joe O'Brien, Stoughton, Massachusetts
Herbert Homer,keeping him and his family in my thoughts and prayers, as well as the families of all September 11 victims and warfighters serving overseas. I am also DCMA, in L.A. God Bless
Today I am serving over in Iraq for DCMA under an Air Force deployment. I learned of Mr. Herbert Homer today and will be dedicating my SPIN class to him that I teach at the MWR at FOB QWest. God Bless. Captain Karin Werner, USAF, Syracuse, Utah
Herbert W. Homer is a Hero never to be forgotten. I am a DCMA employee who first heard of Herbert after 9/11 and will never forget him. Although many years have past, he will always remain a Hero.
Carol Cuellar, San Antonio, Texas
Never have I experienced something when I heard about the attack on our country three years ago. I knew Herb personally. I was a member of the same church. Me being the organist of my church, I had to play for his memorial service. He was always really supportive of my future plans in music. It was something more emotional than I could ever imagine. There were people from the military there, some saying some words of remembrance. I had never seen so many people in my church before that day. It was very uplifting. Ever since that day, I think about how proud I am to be an American, and I know in the end we will prevail. God Bless you Herb, we all miss you. Kyle, Milford, Massachusetts
I first met Herb upon arriving at DPRO Raytheon in May of 1984. His warm smile and sense of humor put all at ease. I had occasion to see the reports he generated in his employ for the United States Government. They were detailed, well written, and always voluminous. The one occasion I will always remember was a crazy time when the workload appeared mountainous. Herb called me into his office to tell me he needed me to work on a little contract for about two hours a week. Upon leaving his office I learned the particular contract was one of the largest in the office, and the workload was much more intensive than Herb had informed me. After letting the steam vent from my head, I knew there was no one else to give the work to, and Herb was always there to assist me if it became too much. Herb was always a presence at the Christmas work party, and an inspiration at the CFC Golf Tournament. I will miss, and never forget Herb. Arthur Mason, Hudson, New Hampshire

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