Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Michael Tarrou 9/11/01

I have the honor of paying tribute to Michael Tarrou.  Michael was 38 years old on 9/11/01.  He was a Flight Attendant on United Airlines Flight 175.  Michael's girlfriend, Amy King was also working on Flight 175, Amy's tributes can be found here:
Michael loved to fly but his first love was making music.  He had a daughter, parents, a brother, sisters and many friends.  From his brother in law:  "There is no doubt that both Mac and Amy would have done absolutely everything in their power to calm and protect the passengers and crew, and would have given their lives to prevent such a disaster," Tom Lumia, Tarrou's brother-in-law, said. "They both were two of the most compassionate, peaceful, giving and understanding people on the earth, and they will be greatly missed. We will love them forever."

Here are some of the many messages to Michael left by people that love and miss him.  As I have said many times in these tributes, the messages left to the people - I miss you, happy birthday, remember this..... painful and touching.  These people are MISSED.  Fro
I miss flying with you, Mac, and how you always made me laugh...and you made me think about what's important in life -- family and love. You were oozing with pride whenever you talked about your family!! I remember looking back into the 757 galley and seeing you practice your golf trips with you were the highlight of my career!! Your flying partner, Val
They got him Michael.....finally. Here's hoping that you and your family get some peace, some sort of relief from this knowledge. Helene Dean, Pennsylvania
Hey Mac.. darn I miss you... still carry around this picture of us every time I take good luck charm, because I know you are always with me. I hope you are taking care up there, heaven sure gained and angel when you arrived. My heart will be forever broken.You are the greatest.....xoxo  Gretchen Schaede, Petaluma, California
Hi Michael. Just wanted to say hello. Was thinking about you today. Guess what? I'm married now ... For the 2nd time.... To the most wonderful man. He reminds me of you a little bit. He is kind and patient and living but he doesn't have any of your other numerous other talents!! LoL. But he has the important ones. Anyway I'm happy and living in PA and I own my own business. So I guess life is good. I still think of you often. You were an important person to my heart. You still are. Take care Michael. XOXO Helene (Anthony) Dean-Kawtoski, Pennsylvania
Thinking of you today Michael. Happy Birthday!! Please continue to take care of Amy for me! Kellie King

It took me almost 9 years to see this guest book. I still can't believe its been almost 9 years since you were taken from my mom and I. I think about you every day of my life and I only wish I got to experience it with you by my side. The memories I have of you are few and fantastic. Well, I wouldn't say few but it gets hard to remember sometimes.. I read every single entry in this guest book. Every single one. I love that people are still signing to this day.. and I hope they never stop. You are in all of my thoughts, my jokes, my poems (haha they always suck lol). Mom tells me everyday how much I am like you lol. I'm a slob, I can sing like you, I laugh like you, I joke around like you, and I even piss her off like you! :) Sometimes I think you're telling me exactly which buttons to push lol. She's the best. I know you loved her so much. She tells me all of the time.
I'm so glad I got to talk to you on sept. 10th. Seems like you called everybody in the fam that night. Interesting, huh? Intuition much? I remember our conversation well, and I'll never forget it.  I love you so much. I hope I see you soon enough.. come visit any time. :)  You're in my heart always and I hope I am remembered one day as you are. With such empowering love and rejoice. You were obviously fantastic and I remember you the same. I love you,forever and always, your daughter,Gina. Tarpon Springs, Florida


greekgirrrl said...

A most amazing individual who touched each and every person who has ever had the good fortune to meet him. Because he was my first love I will never be able to forget him. I carry his memory in my bones and his love in my heart. helene dean

Kelly said...

I'm sorry Helene. Thank you for your comment about Michael.