Thursday, August 25, 2011

Eric Hartono 9/11/01

I have the honor of paying tribute to Eric Hartono.  He was 20 years old on 9/11/01.  Eric was sent to the US from Indonesia to attend school.  He attended high school in Portland, OR. After graduating from high school, Eric Hartono moved to Boston, where he attended Newbury College, and then to Los Angeles, where at 20 he was hoping to attend the University of Southern California. Eric was a passenger on United Airlines Flight 175. 
Eric was so young and just starting life... he had great potential and was loved.  I have took this messages to and and about Eric from
Eric, Brought out a picture of you at the breakfast table and introduced you to my kids I told them that you had been a dear friend and that if you were still here you would visit often and that they would love you too. Forever, Alex H, Sacramento, California
You are not, nor will you ever be forgotten, fellow American. John Ross, Purcell, Oklahoma
Dear Eric, I feel lucky, privelledge to call you a friend. I have learned love, humility and patience through yr life. Almost 7 years had past, but I am still grieving about loosing you. Wished we had more time, may be if you are still here, I would know how to get out of the mess I am in. Missing yr advice and listening ears. Timothy, Portland, Oregon
To the Hartono family,I hope you have found comfort and peace.Iam very sorry for your tragedy.Eric seemed like such a nice young man.God bless all of you.Your in my prayers Dawn Sproules,
Mr. and Mrs. Hartono,
I went to school with your son when he first came to the United States. I just want to say that he was a real funny guy and a great friend to have. I will cherish the moments that i had spent with him. One memory that sticks out in my mind is one time at We were both sittin in the same row and and we were singing a slow worship song and i had my eyes closed just listening to the song and i opened my eyes and saw Eric he was just singing so passionately with his hands lifted up and i told myself i need to be like him and give my all. Another memory that is a little funny is that when he came his first year to our school, he would always have gum in his mouth. And it was not aloud and he would get warning after warning and after he was told to spit the gum out he would put another piece of extra in. Another time when we were at gym class it was Eric's turn up to bat. So we were all standing there and he went to swing the bat and it went flying out of his hands. It was so funny that everytime he went up to bat after that we all would say get behind the fence everybody! I also had some great talks with him and had fun playin basketball with him,ridin in his car when he offered to give me rides, sittin infront of him in algebra class and him always askin me what i got for that answer. He had the biggest smile and he was laghing i couldn't help myself from laughing also. I will always remember Him. Thank You for sending him to the U.S.A. israel smith, clackamas, Oregon
Pak Samadikun and family,
I am sorry about Eric, he was a loving person, and I believe that God loved him so much : God had given him a God-fearing family and he grew up loving and serving God. Vinska Liu - Jakarta, Indonesia
Eric was a student with my children at Temple Christian here in Portland through the high school years. They remember him as a happy positive person who brought fun and good memories into the lives of many here. Our condolences to the parents of Eric and his family. May God give you his comfort and peace at this time. George and Susie Elliot, Portland, Oregon
I am a student at Newbury College and I was a friend of Eric's. Eric was an International Student from Indonesia, he was transferring colleges and on his way to LA. I knew Eric as a classmate and through his stops to the International Student Services Office when he needed his paper signed or just had some questions for the Director. Our campus mourns the death of one our own classmates, students, and friends. Eric had a class with me last semester and I will always remember his smart remarks for our professor and his red Michael Schumacher hat that he always wore to clss. I hope that his family will be able to find comfort and know that the Newbury community is here for them. Eric was going to be missed when he transferred to LA but he will be miss more so now because he was one of us. Our Hearts go out to Eric's family, friends, and the Indonesian community.
Dawn Skowronski
Executive Treasurer of the Student Government and Office Assistant for International Student Services @ Newbury College Brookline, Massachusetts

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