Monday, August 29, 2011

Shawn M. Nassaney 9/11/01

I have the honor of paying tribute to Shawn Nassaney.  Shawn was 25 years old on 9/11/01.  He was a passenger, along with his girlfriend Lynn Goodchild on United Airlines Flight 175.  He was a big Yankee fan.... I suppose I won't hold that against him.  Shawn and Lynn were traveling to Hawaii for a 4 day vacation before they both went for their M.B.A. degrees at Providence College.  Shawn was a Sales Manager for APC, a manufacturing company.  From the foundations website: Shawn was a special member of the APC family and we will sorely miss his enthusiasm, contributions, and constant smile. Upon news of his death, a scholarship fund was immediately created to ensure that Shawn's name lives forever and that he will continue to have a positive influence on many other future leaders.
Currently the Foundation makes gifts to the Shawn M. Nassaney Memorial Scholarship at Bryant University and to a similar fund established at St. Raphael’s Academy in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. From time to time, the Foundation’s Board of Directors will consider other worthwhile activities and programs that reflect Shawn’s character, leadership skills and personal interests.Information on the foundation can be found here:
Shawn has many heartfelt messages left for him.... here are a few of them from
I still think of the good you did for me at APC that day so many years ago. You were and always will be an angel Shawn. We all still miss you terribly. Suzanne Poitras, East Greenwich, Rhode Island
Shawn, I love you buddy and I miss you. I think about you everyday especially today 7/7, your birthday. I'll never forget the last of your birthdays we spent together, my bachelor party in Montreal. I cherish that whole weekend and cant believe just a couple short months later you were taken from us and only one month before my wedding. It's been tough, but it's getting a little easier. You were a great friend and still are to me. I love you man and I'll keep trying to live as you did, to the fullest. Happy Birthday. Jason Silva, Pawtucket, Rhode Island
I don't know what to say it has been years since we went to school together at Saint Teresa's . I remember you as such a kind friendly funny person . The one who never picked on anyone ... The one who liked to make people laugh . When I watched the news and saw your name listed I felt such a sadness like I still knew you . Like it was yesterday we were in 5th grade together ... I cried ....For you for your family and all other families that lost so much that awful day . I am glad to have known you . You will always be remembered by all who ever met you such a good soul such a kindhearted soul. Sue, Pawtucket, Rhode Island
I got to know Shawn during his time in Australia and we spent countless hours working together in a small team of 4 people in APC Sydney. During this time i went to the Sydney 2000 Olympics with him and the opening ceremonies of the Paraolympics which were great nights indeed. I miss Shawn 's humour and great love for the Yankees and all American sports. I will always think of you mate, you were a legend indeed, thanks for the memories. Jason Finlayson, Sydney, Australia
Even though I only knew you for the four years of High School at Saints, you impacted my life incredibly. When you were a stranger to me freshman year, but you came up and asked me to dance, it was just a glimmer into the wonderful person i would become friends with from that second on. You will be in my heart forever Shawn.

Jen M., Warwick, Rhode Island
To the Nassaney family and the Goodchild family...The memories of your loved ones last forever. "When someone we love leaves us, their memories become a treasure." I will always remember Shawn...the gangly teenager who loved running but gave baseball "a go at it". When my husband asked me to coach the Babe Ruth Baseball team with him...I laughed..."A female coach? The boys would never hear of it!" But I did...and boy did we all have fun!! Shawn made sure everyone signed baseballs for both of us. Fortunately, his signature on one survived the "baseball collection"...I will never forget the look on Shawn's parents faces when I handed them that ball on Sept. 14th, 2001 at his memorial. Nor will I ever forget Shawn's beautiful, beaming smile. Keep smiling and keep the pace! Until we meet again! Sincerely, The Emery's "Coach Roger" and "Coach Roberta" Roberta Emery, Pawtucket, Rhode Island
To the Nassaney family, today I work with a heavy heart, I can't believe it has been a year since this tragedy. I will always cherish of memories I have of Shawn and during this difficult time I want to let you know, that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Brian Martin, Hanson, Massachusetts
Mom and Dad Nassaney thanks for bringing Shawn into our lives through "SAINTS". While this tragedy has hurt us all something good has come out of this. My husband has been reunited with his son that we haven't seen in 20 years and indirectly it was Shawn that brought them together. Shawn you will always be in our hearts forever.God Bless The Stoddard's  Kevin, Kevin Jr., Leah and Luci
Shawn, You always have put a smile on my face, you were there when people put me down...I always thanked you for that, and I'll always remember you, until we meet again....I'll always think of you and I miss you lots... Anne-Marie Ribiro, Pawtucket, Rhode Island


Suzanne Poitras said...

Thank you Kelly, that was beautiful. Still in our hearts Shawn keep smiling that infectious smile you had and probably still have. :)

Until we all meet again,
Suzanne Poitras, East Greenwich, Rhode Island

Charlene and David said...

I'm sorry that I never got thd opportunity to meet mt cousin on the other side of the country. I am proud to bear your name. You will never be forgotten. David Nassaney.