Sunday, August 28, 2011

Robert George LeBlanc 9/11/01

I have the honor of paying tribute to Robert LeBlanc.  He was 70 years old on 9/11/01 and was a geography professor at the University of New Hampshire.  He was a passenger on United Airlines Flight 175.  He had five children, Carolyn, Paul and John LeBlanc and Nissa and Kjel Youngren, and two grandsons.  He was said to have "itchy feet" and lived to travel the world.  I read that there weren't many places that he hadn't been.  Incredible, one of the best of us.  Mr. LeBlanc leaves behind family and friends, left too soon.  Here are some of the messages from left to him and to his family....
Robert was my professor in the autumn of 1975. He was hip, he was cool, he was real. His style, his delivery, his composure was unique as it was rare on campus. Were he alive, I think that Robert George Leblanc would offer compelling thought on how geography combined with insanity, drove men to madness and murder. RIP Robert. Webb Philips, Hampton, New Hampshire

I graduated from UNH in 1989 with a degree in Business Administration and a minor in Geography. I had the pleasure of taking two courses with Dr. LeBlanc; One during my Sophomore year and the other, Geography of Canada during my senior year. Because of his genuine, warm and sincere personality, he was known by his friends and colleagues as simply Bob or Robert despite his tremendous academic accomplishments. I will always remember him as the instructor who had the greatest influence on my college experience. Nothing seemed to please him more than a student who shared his interest and enthusiasm for Geography, especially Canadian Geography. He was also simply a great teacher and lecturer. My class notes seemed to flow effortlessly and you always knew when to just listen and when to pick up your pen and write. My father's family is Franco American and Dr. LeBlanc always took a genuine interest in learning about my family history.
Dr. LeBlanc epitomized so many of the things that make UNH a great school. How many colleges can you go to as a freshman or sophomore and take a class with an instructor
with the experience and credentials that he had? To Dr. LeBlanc's family, may I offer my sincere condolences for your loss and you are in my thoughts and prayers. Jason Mongeon, South Berwick, Maine
I didn't ever meet Robert, but I often walk past the bench placed on the UNH campus in his memory. I pray that he is at peace now in Heaven with the other victims of this terrible tragedy.
Meghan Schrader, Durham, New Hampshire
I graduated from UNH in 1978 with a dual degree, one of which was Geography. Prof. Leblanc was a mentor and personal friend of mine. My heart breaks for his family each time I think of his death. I will always remember driving he and his family to Logan Airport in Boston during Christmas vacation. May God give his family some peace of mind knowing he touched untold lives during his time on earth..... John Wilson, Crockett, Texas
Andrea, My thougts and prayers continue to be with you. Jackie Beaupre, Barrington, New Hampshire
I had Robert Leblanc as a Professor while at UNH. I was only taking Geography as a science elective and I have to say it was one of the toughest electives I took. He was passionate about his classes and really wanted us to know the subject when we left his class. I also got to know him a little outside of the classroom when I worked for the University and found him to be very warm and caring. I know he will be greatly missed by both the University Community as well as friends and family.

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