Saturday, August 20, 2011

Robert Fangman 9/11/11

I have the honor of paying tribute to Robert Fangman.  Robert was 33 years old on 9/11.  He was a member of the crew on United Airlines Flight 175.  His mother and sister Terri spoke of his love of wine, gourmet food, big cities and international travel. They said he brightened many family gatherings with tales of his European journeys or by bursting into song, a cappella. "He had a such a beautiful voice,'' said Terri, 43, who was in Texas last weekend with her brothers. Bobby's happiest days were the last eight months, as he hop-scotched around the country and the globe, often taking last-second assignments to Europe, they said. Mr. Fangman traveled extensively, walking on and off planes as if they were buses. One week it would be to Texas to visit his brother, another it would be to Delaware to visit his mother. He carried flashcards so he could study the information about the various planes. Mr. Fangman loved foreign cities, dancing and fine wine, Mrs. Fangman said. It bothered him that unfinished wine in first class had to be poured down the sink, so he would ask others attendants to do it for him. On Sept. 11, he was assigned to Flight 175. His ambition was to be assigned to international flights and he chose to be based out of Boston because he could move up more quickly there.
Robert was loved and is very missed.  From all the messages he has received it's clear what a great person he was.... here are some messages left to him from  I'm sorry you lost him.
I loved always flying united airlines robert ya are a great man and i will never forget ya lord bless you and ya will have a special place in my hear always i salute you lieutent jensen usmc
Your light perpetually burns in the hearts of all whom you touched. You are missed and honored in many ways.
Love you and will always wish you were still here!! Terri Frakes, Charlottesville, Virginia
Hey Uncle Bobby.. 9 years and it still hurts just as bad, especially watching all this stuff on tv the last few days doesnt make it better. Just thinking about you and missing your laugh! <3
I  worked with Robert a few months before this happened. We had such a fun day!!! He cracked me up!!! I had always hoped to work with him again. Lisa Bias, Seattle, Washington
Bob, Eight years have passed since that tragic day you were lost to us here on earth...but I feel your spirit and know you are always with us in our heart. So, in your honor, I choose to have what I call a "Bob" day in remembrance. Rich and I went to Smith Mountain Lake, had a great waterfront view from our balcony, good music, waterfront dining eating some mexican food(not as hot as you would like...your level of "hot" always amazed me...some adult beverages and a late night soak in the hot tub gazing at the stars, having a drink,listening to music. A perfect Bob day in my opinion.
Love ya, always will miss ya,always with me.Terri
Bobby, Bob, Rob, Robert,
I miss so many things about you. Like what color your hair would be when you would come home to visit. Watching our favorite TV show "Everybody Loves Raymond" and laughing like crazy (I still watch it). Hot tub conversations, you calling me on the 800 number to let me know what pool you were sitting at and what you were drinking. Playing pinball all nite long trying to beat Greg's high score(which I finally did a couple years ago at 3 am). Only took 7 years!! How your lips would get so red after drinking alot of red wine !! I miss everything about you. My life has not been the same since that day and it never will be. We're having the Martin Family Reunion in a couple of weeks and I am sure many glasses of wine will be consumed in your honor and memory and your spirit will definitely be there. I love you with all my heart! Debbie Fangman, Wilmington, Delaware
I went to school with Bob in Claymont, DE and we graduated from CHS in 1986. Bob was always the guy that made us laugh and laugh some more. Angie DeTulleo, Keller, Texas
I remember Rob from when we both worked at Verizon Wireless. He was great. On 9/11 all of the all-news stations were constantly updating the casualty lists. Standing at the Hoboken, NJ riverfront I watched the crash and the collapse of the towers. Listening to a radio, I truly lost it when I heard Rob's name. I always knew he had a ticket to heaven, I never thought it would be punched so soon.
God Bless Rob.--Bill Jones, Union City, New Jersey


Lana Maria Hernandez said...

Still, so often, in my thoughts. Your laugh is indelibly etched in my memory. Thank you for leaving me something so pleasant.
Love always, Lana Hernandez

Anonymous said...

Bobby was a good friend. I feel guilty for what happenned to him. We were in Paris, France and he talked to me about his desire to go away and discover the world. I suggested him to become a flight attendant. He was my best man at my wedding, and a great listenner. I decided to go to fight, and enlisted in the US Army as a 19Delta, Recon. Combat Arm for many years, too many. Looking for a way to feel better about his death, and erradicate that feeling of guilt inside me. I thought than taking as much ennemies lives I could would make it better. It did for a while. I even save the cartridges to give one day to his sister Debbie. I still have all of them. Now, after too many deployments, I'm looking at those empty cartridges and all these Military Awards I got to hate and seeking for revenge...these horrifying days and nights, not of any of these CK (Comfirm Kill) will bring him back to his loved ones...and the guilt is still there. I pray God every day to take the pain away...but still nothing, still silent and unbarable. You been good to me and you been a great friend to my ex-wife Kehinde "Kenny". Bobby, I went as far a man can go to make the sacrifice of your life and many others worth it. I have to leave you there my friend. I have to seek life and happiness now. I pray for you, your family and all your friends. You left us too soon Buddy. Cheer!!! A good Cabernet, earthy and robust!!

Kelly said...

I'm sorry you lost your friend, you have nothing to feel guilty for, he seemed to love what he did and lived a good life. I'm sure he would not want you to feel any guilt and would tell you he loved his job and to find some happiness going forward. Thank you for your long service to our Country and I hope you can find some peace for yourself.
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)
You have done more than most, thank you.