Monday, August 29, 2011

William Weems 9/11/01

I have the honor of paying tribute to William Weems.  He was 46 years old on 9/11/01.  William was a freelance producer of TV commercials and was traveling to L.A.  He was a passenger on United Airlines Flight 175.  He was married and had a 7 year old daughter. 
"His life was really based on what he could do to enhance the lives of others," said friend Cynthia Gardner. "Most importantly his wife and daughter Zoe."

There's a saying that goes something like, "A measure of a man's worth can be taken by those who loved him"...... something to that affect.  Clearly William Weems worth was high as all the messages left for him are full of love from others.  Here are some of the those messages from
Bill, I was always struck by what a wonderful person you were when we worked together in the production business in Boston. You were a producer on one of my shoots and it was a great experience. And I remember the day I saw your name scroll across my TV. It filled me with rage and anger that someone as good as you could be taken in such a way. It still does. But your goodness will always win out over that event. It was an honor to know you. Chuck Koelsch, Providence, Rhode Island
Bill, I think of you every day, but more today--so kind and so thoughtful--and so missed in this world.
Laurie Everett
Thinking of you today, Weemsie... I will never forget you... miss you... Ann McKallagat, Massachusetts
May 02, 2011
I hope, in some way, today's news allows to have a little peace.
Dear Bill, There have been many times that I have thought of you and the work we did in were one of a kind... Tony Mariano
Bill, It's been nine years now, and seems like yeaterday. Can't imagine what you would be up to today, but no doubt putting smiles on many faces. Rest in Peace "Joneseee" it was you who were always PLUM. Dan Misko
Dear Lisa and Zoe, I still think of you and your husband and father from my days when I owned Videoscope in Marblehead. I hope time has somehow helped you to heal. Sincerely, Stan Rusnak
Stan Rusnak, Essex, Massachusetts
I did not William but his name jumped off the t.v. screen when I first saw it because it is a rare name and I first thought it was someone in my family. In a way you are as are all the victims but it was your name that connected you to me at first glance. Can it be seven years?? My thought s and prayers are with you and your family on this another 9/11, rest softly. Scott Weems, Reston, Virginia
Bill was a producer for about 10 spots I made and he and I were in constant contact for about four years in the late 90's. I counted him a one of my good friends in the profession and he was a bright light in my life and the lives of many of my friends. Funny, Smart and a hard worker who loved what he did. I think of him often and particularly today. I miss him and I offer my very best, my thoughts and prayers to Lisa, and his kids, family and friends. Todd Root, Hartford
Bill was my movie buddy. We must've seen 100 flicks together. I still glance over at the empty seat next to me sometimes and can't believe my friend is gone. I miss him terribly. Dan Lincoln,


Anonymous said...

I am taking flowers to our local 9.11 Memorial today, with a note:
William M. Weems 9.11.'55 / 9.11.'01
You will never be forgotten!

I had the honor of spending many years in Boston, creating TV commercials (some award winning) with our beloved friend. Every project, every wrap was a joy to have been on his Team! We had great times!

Bill, I think of you often, I pray for your wife Lisa & your beautiful daughter Zoe, all the while!
Your friendship, your compassion, your excellence, will always resonate in my heart, as being one of the best people I will have ever known in my life!

God Bless YOU!
Rest in Peace my friend,
love, Amy

Heather said...

Bill was my next door neighbor when I lived in Marblehead many years ago. I will always remember his incredible kindness and natural caring way. I remember so well his love for his wife and then infant daughter, Zoe. Such an adoration and pride was apparent as Bill used to take walks with little Zoe in the stroller. Such a dear soul, taken far too soon from this world. We will always remember you, Bill...

Many Warm Thoughts To The Weems Family,

Anonymous said...

I worked with Bill during an internship at September Films in Boston, the summer of 97'. It was my first taste of the film industry and I learned many of the rumors of the harshness of it all was very true, but not with Bill. Some of the producers where right out of a movie, yelling, bossy and having some sense of righteousness about them, not Bill. He was always kind, respectful and willing to teach me something. He is the only person I recall working with that summer but not because of this tragedy, rather from the kindness he showed. The day of the attacks I was on a plane that was detoured to Vancouver. It was about 11pm that night just after getting out of the shower in my hotel room I saw they were listing the names of those who where lost on the television. I had come in at the tail end and caught the last few seeing Bills name and could only hope it wasn't the Bill I knew, sadly it was. I worked 6 years in LA in the film industry and had my share of screaming producers as well as kind ones, but I will never forget this sweet man. He was the first who showed me that no matter who the client may be, how big the talent or budget everyone working on the project deserves kindness and respect, even a young intern. Thank you Bill I will never forget your kindness.
Courtney Moser,Sept Films intern summer of 97'

C.morse said...

After ALL the years that have passed Bill & his family are always in the forefront of my memories & prayers. What we've missed with his loss. Thank. God for the honor to know such a perfectly gentle & kind man. He is so very much missed 💔

jeffrey heimbach said...

Working with Bill was always fun. He gave me my first job at September Productions, which became my second home in the 90s. He gave me a chance to be a first AD. I remember him coming up to me and saying I did a great job. I'll never forget Bill and his kindness. Thank you Bill for being a positive influence on my life and career.
Jeff Heimbach - Vermont