Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ralph Francis Kershaw 9/11/01

I have the honor of paying tribute to Ralph Kershaw.  He was 52 years old on 9/11/01.  Ralph was a passenger on United Airlines Flight 175.  He was a marine surveyor, world traveler, and owner of the Ray Kershaw Company.  Ralph was married to his high school sweetheart and had three children.  He built his house in Manchester-by-the-Sea, a town 30 miles north of Boston, adding onto it as the family grew. 
I'm so sorry that you lost him on that terrible day.  Here are some messages to Ralph and his family that I found on
My father was my hero. The man that I went to when I needed to share a story, solve a problem or just to get one of his big bear hugs. He was the kind of man that would do anything for his family and friends, whether it was building skateboard ramps and playhouses or doing survey work on a friends boat for free. He was a man that commanded respect and he was loved beyond words. We will never forget you Dad.
In loving memory, Kristin Kershaw, daughter
heidi and family,
it has been 9 long years and I think of you all the time. I hope the family is doing good considering all you have been through.My prayers and thoughts are with you! bob oliver J&B Auto, gloucester, Massachusetts
Hedi, Kristin, Matt & Jay
I think of you all often, especially this time of year. I can't express how sorry I was to hear about Ralph and I cannot imagine the loss you have encountered. Your family was very much a part of my life growing up, and I never will forget Ralph or any of you - my thoughts are always with you.
On this fifth anniversary my thoughts are with you guys, Heidi, Kristin, Jason, and Matt. It was a day so much like today. Ralph, you are very missed by the boating community and a tremendous loss for Manchester. Bill Crocker, Damariscotta, Maine
I knew Ralph back when I was in High School, I was a friend of his daughter Kristin. I always remember his great bear hugs and him always "protecting" me and Kristin from the twins, Matt and Jason. My deepest sympathy to his family, Heidi, Kristin, Jason, Matt...everyone. He was a great man and a wonderful father. It may have been quite a few years since I've seen him but I will never forget him. Bless you all, my thoughts are with you always. Tina Brooks, Epping, New Hampshire
I'll always remember Ralph when, after completing the sea trial portion of the survey on the motor yacht which was to become our 'One More Time', he sat back in a chair on the deck and said with a huge smile on his face, 'This is what fun is all about!' as we cruised along at full throttle. Some how, I know he's still smiling. Heidi, it was thru being your UPS driver at the Sweater Shop that I met Ralph. I'm so glad I did! Thank You and God Bless! Wally Hills, Danvers, Massachusetts
I think of Ralph almost every time I go out on my boat. As a young paperboy, Ralph was my boating mentor and helped me in more ways than he could have ever imagined. I'm sure I was a bit of a nuisance, but Ralph always found the time to give some advice, or help me get something at a price a 13 year-old could afford. I hope that I will continue to have the opportunity to return the favor to someone in the same spirit and manner that Ralph gave to me. A true life lesson of patience and kindness. Always grinning past the #4 bouy John Elder, Hamilton, Massachusetts
My deepest sympathies to the Kershaw Family.
My name is Tom First. I only met Ralph once. He was a memorable man. Ralph inspected my boat in the late 90's before i purchased her. To say that Ralph was knowledgeable is an understatement. He actually told me what was going to be wrong with the boat as he approached it for the first time (before he stepped on her) -- he knew the weaknesses and flaws of every sailboat. Ralph didn't inspect my boat simply to tell me what was wrong, he did it to tell me how to repair and care for her. I spoke to Ralph several times before and after i purchased the boat and then spent the next 4 years going down Ralph's list, one by one, rebuilding my boat from the bottom up. I saw Ralph's name on TV on September 11th and it brought tears to my eyes. Though i did not know him well, he represented to me a kind, caring man who took great pride in his work and his family. He told me about his father, his wife and his two boys while we spent that day together. I still remember shaking his big hand. I have a wonderful relationship with my father and i imagined him to have the same type of relationship with his children... My prayers are with your family on the anniversary of that tragic day....Tom First, Concord, Massachusetts

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Marcy said...

My prayers are with you and your family. In St. Louis, Missouri - there's a tribute called - American's Heartland Remembers. There's a flag being flown for each individual who died in the tragedy of 9/11. I took a picture of the flag that flies in memory of Ralph and searched on the internet and found this sight.
I would be happy to send you a picture of it.
We will always remember.