Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Barbara Edwards 9/11/01

I have the honor of paying tribute to Barbara Edwards. She was 58 years old on 9/11/01 and was a passenger on American Airlines Flight 77. Barbara was a teacher at Palo Verde High School in Las Vegas and taught French and German. She was a native of Germany, she came to the US with her family when she was little. From the messages left for her on various sites she was much loved and is very missed. She left such a positive mark on students and friends. I'm so sorry she was killed on that awful day. Here are some of the messages that have been left for Barbara from and Some are recent, others are years old but the hurt is still the same, message after message from students. They are tough to read.

Madame Edwards, You were one of my favorite teachers and I still shed a tear every year for you. You had one of the best smiles and personalities I was blessed to encounter. I know you are soaring with the eagles and chatting it up with God. You showed love and kindness and I wish that love and kindness was still here to cover the pain that this country is still feeling. love always, Lisa

Dear Mrs. Edwards, I am the Sailor who unveiled your bench yesterday at the the Pentagon Memorial. Your name stuck with me, so I decided to find out who you where. Upon finding you and reading the the things others have written, I am very honored to have unveiled your memorial bench. I would just like to send my heart out to your family, friends, and students. Even though I did not know you personally, I do know you had a major impact on many lives. We will always remember you and all the others who were lost that day.
AN Charlie Caldwell, U.S. Navy

I remember the news coming the next day. After such a horrible day the news just kept getting worse. I was very shocked; I had seen you just a few weeks before that: During the summer you had a broken arm, and you were telling me how much you looked forward to having me in your class again. It was very hard to swallow and didn't hit me fully for hours. Still today, over six years later, it still hurts to remember it. You were such a sweet and caring person and a great teacher. Without you I likely wouldn't have made it through high school; you inspired me. I will NEVER forget that. James Stephens

On this eve of 9/11 as it does every year my heart and thoughts are with Barbara and her family. Barbara your laughter lives on in my heart. You will forever be missed. Carmen Andrews, Henderson, Nevada

R.I.P. Ms. Edwards. You were my favorite teacher in high school, I looked forward to your german class every day. You are truly missed by me and many others.
Jennifer Jones, Las Vegas, Nevada

As we always think about Barbara, today I decided to google her, and came across this guest book, which makes me very glad that she lived such a fulfilled life. Barbara was my mom's best friend and also like a second mom to me. So many years later, I still remember her laugh and her sweet voice. She was funny, honest, and you always knew she was on your side. Barbara obviously made a great impact on her students, friends, and above all her family. I know she is watching over us all with all the other angels...because she definitely takes care of me each day. She was a great person, who loved Germany and teaching German more than anyone I one can replace her...and still no one has. Stacie Daigle, Las Vegas, NV

I was a senior at Palo Verde the year we lost Ms. Edwards. She was my french teacher during my junior year. She had the biggest heart and cared deeply for all who entered her class room. She touched my life personally by caring about me during a hard time. She was a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen. Every class she would make sure I was doing ok. Losing her was very hard, not just for me, but for the entire student body and faculty at PV. I will never forget the day we all found out. I was one of the students who set up the memorial in the cafeteria for her. It was a very hard thing to do. Many tears were shed for her loss. It was a loss that has impacted my life. 9/11/01 has personal meaning to me and my family. My brother is a sophomore at Palo Verde, and he is taking french. It saddens my heart that she is not the one teaching him and that he will never get to know what a wonderful person she was. JaNae Bohac, Las Vegas, Nevada

Honestly, it is only at this point in time that I am able to begin to talk about 9/11 and the incredible loss of Barbara Edwards. Barbara helped train me as a foreign language teacher. She was incredibly patient and kind and she knew that teaching took a ton of daily work and preparation.I clearly remember her giving me some candy when I first observed her teaching. In between classes I saw her make the mental change from teaching German to teaching French. She was such a great example for me because I eventually became licensed in French and Spanish and had to switch languages just like her. It was incredibly difficult for me to change languages, but I knew it could be done because she was so successful at it.Barbara, I think of you very often, especially when I am teaching. Thank you for always exemplifying the quality of perseverance. Hilary Greene, Las Vegas, Nevada

was a student of Mrs. Edwards my sophmore year of high school which was the 98-99 school year. I had a lot of family and personal troubles that year and rarely made it to school, but when I could go I did a lot of times just because I loved her french class so much. She was a wonderful teacher, and I'm sure a wonderful person. Mrs. Edwards was the only person I knew that was taken in the attacks, but I just want you to know that I now serve in the United States Army as of March 2001 and if I am ever given the chance to bring any of the terrorists to justice, I will do whatever I can to make the loss of this great woman and all the others not be in vain.PFC Joanne Willey, US Army
Mike, Doug, Scott -When you were all growing up in Basking Ridge, I saw your Mother frequently, and she was always smiling, always had a nice word to say. She enjoyed life, and I know you boys have many wonderful memories of her. While she left you too soon, remember the good times, the laughter, and know that she is watching you. Susan Shale, Branchburg, NJ
God Bless this wonderful person. She gave knowledge to so many, and now so many must hurt. To all of her students, I give you my deepest sympathy, to her family, I wish I could take away the grief and the pain, but since I can't, I will see to it that she is never forgotten. May god bless those whom this beautiful soul has touched. Stephanie Scovell, Henderson, Nevada

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Barbara will always be in the hearts of all her friends in Bloomington, IN. She is sorely missed and loved by all of us here.
Ricardo Sierra