Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Jeffrey Collman 9/11/01

I have the honor of paying tribute to Jeffrey Collman, 41 years old. Jeffery was a resident of Novato, Calif. He was a member of the crew on American Airlines Flight 11 on 9/11/01. Jeffrey Collman, a 1977 graduate of Yorkville High School, loved tennis, traveling and being a flight attendant, his father Dwayne Collman said. He wasn’t supposed to be on that flight from Boston that day but took the assignment so he could get a few extra days off to watch tennis at Wimbledon.
“He switched flights with somebody,” Dwayne Collman said. “He saved somebody’s life, I guess.” Jeff is survived by his parents, Dwayne and Kay Collman, five siblings and his partner of 11 years, Keith.

Some memories that were left for Jeff, both from loved ones and strangers:

From: Kitkat Date: 09/10/2004 Jeff, I miss you buddy. We had such a great time on the SFO all- nighters. You shined on the plane, and you shine in my heart.

From: Kyle Date: 05/26/2005 In class we were asked to do a project about a victum of 9/11. I spent a good amount of time trying to find the right person to do and I choose Mr. Collman. I have read his story and I have presented it to my class. I would like to say the Jeffrey Collman will be in my prayers and in the prayers of my classmates for a good deal of time, the family too. Just remember Jeffrey is in a better place right now and he is looking over us.

We have never met, but your bravery gives me hope.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-17

Jeff.....you will always be my better half!
Posted by Keith Bradkowski on 2006-03-08

Jeffrey was a kind, wonderful, professional man. He was devoted to his partner of 11 years, Keith, with whom he spoke that morning. Jeff would have done anything possible to protect the passengers on Flight 11, I know he died doing what he could for someone else.
Posted by Doug on 2004-01-21

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Hello Mr. and Mrs. Collman and Keith and Collman family. Every year, countless times a year, I think about your son. You see Jeffrey traded flights with my wife all the time to pick up additional time, which allowed my wife to be home with our two kids during the week. I really don't have the right words to express my sorrow for your loss. But I do want you to know that Jeffrey is in hearts and minds all the time. We did attend his memorial after 9/11 with you and your family. I'm not sure the exact reasons, but my wife could not introduce herself to you. But I do want you to know that my wife Patricia, our daughter, Jordan (18) son Ben (15), and all our family will never forget the sacrifice your son made. We will never forget and always hold your loving son in our hearts. -Dave Smith