Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tom Pecorelli 9/11/01

I have the honor of paying tribute to Tom Pecorelli. Tom was a passenger on American Airlines Flight 11 on 9/11/01. He was returning home to California. At that time his wife Kia was 3 months pregnant, incredible that his baby is now almost 10 years old, a son named Nicolas. Tom worked for Fox Sports News and on the E channel, he was 30 years old.
I have found so many articles on Tom and his family, it's very apparent how loved and missed he is to them. I am very sorry you lost him. His sister Angela has dedicated this site to him:
Here are some of the messages that I found on left for Tom and his loved ones....
Tommy it is the 9th Thanksgiving since you've been gone. You are on my mind everyday. This year I have a beautiful part of you---your son, my Grandson Nicolas. You would be so proud of him. He has a great deal of his dad's handsome looks. I took him to a conservatory 2 days ago for injured animals who can not go back into the wild. It also had a Planetarium, and we saw 2 shows. I gave him my video camera to take pictures, you would have a great laugh, in that respect he is nothing like you. I love him so very, very much. I hope you hear me everyday I talk to you, and keep watching over Nicolas, I have told him all about his wonderful loving dad, and how much you wanted him in your life. Until I see you again,my love for you is un-ending MOM
Elaine Pecorelli-Dyer,
Tommy, you are so missed. You were a cool next door neighbor. You always made me laugh with your impersonations & your wit. Thanks for the memories
Phil Queirolo,
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Nine years ago today,the 8th of September, you attended a wedding in Boston. It was a College friend. It gave you the opportunity to let all your buddies know you were going to be a dad. You also brought along a sonogram of your little baby. You were so proud, and happy that day. Kia didn't go with you on that trip, though you wanted her too. God works in unexplainable ways. You continued on to Leominster, Ma. to your sister Marie's home, and also met up with your dad and stepmom.ON the 9th of September, a Sunday, a Barbecue was held,your sister Angela, and your neice and nephews were there, and you all had a great time. No pictures were taken that day, I guess it was because you were all just enjoying each other, talking about the baby you so desperately wanted. the only thing in your life was to be a dad. You are a dad, and I will always let my grandson know what a great dad you are, and the best son in the world. Oh! how I miss your hugs, smiles, jokes, and songs. I love you more than all the stars in the sky MOM
Tom,Another year, yet the feelings and pain still feel so fresh. Even after seven years, I cannot bring myself to watch any of that video, despite the fact I work in TV news. All I can see is your smiling face, which brings me some comfort. I miss that smile and your infectious sense of humor. If everyone had your outlook on life, this certainly would be a much better place.God Bless your family, your son and most of all, you.Your friend,
Faye DeHoff,
Tucson, Arizona
Hi Tom,You will always be remembered and I will never forget 9/11. There were so many losses and it is hard to believe that one tragedy affected so many families. It is strange how people are brought together and I have the pleasure of working with your sister Angela. She is a hoot and always make us laugh here at the office. She loves you so much and thinks of you every day. I remember our high school days and am so sorry for your families two tragic losses. My heart goes out to your family......... Since graduation, I have married and been blessed with two beautiful children. I will be married 15 years this coming August!!!!!!! Love, Hollie
Hollie Perreault(Sarette),
Exeter, New Hampshire
I was a neighbor and classmate of Tommy's and I find myself reading for hours the memorials to him. I hope that Tommy and everyone who lost their life on 9/11 know they are not forgotten. Thank you to Angela and the Pecorelli family for being so open and sharing with us so many wonderful memories, I know it must be so difficult for you. God Bless all of you and especially little Nicholas.
Nicole Healy,
Nbpt, Massachusetts
It is impossible to believe you have been gone 4 year my friend.I see you each and every time I see a photo of your son and know you are alive in him. He is a wonderful boy and you would be very proud of him.I will always be there to help whenever the family need it and will always carry you deep within my heart.I can never forget you Tommy. Each time I see a little bug it always reminds me of you... I do miss you my friend...
Tommy it has been 4 years and not one day has gone by that you are not talked about. Your son so beautiful and smart I so wish you got to see his birth. Your wife so special to all of us. You are so sadly missed and so loved. You will NEVER be forgotten. I love you little brother. Angela
Thomas was my only brother. He brought more happiness and joy to our family in 30 years then anyone could imagine. Tommy was in the prime of his life.. expecting his first child he so wanted.. approaching his 2nd wedding anniversary, his career was booming. This devastating attack has taken away the best thing that ever happened to my family. Tommy your memories will last forever and I want to Thank You for the best 30 years of my life. I love you always and will never forget you. You are my guardian angel now. Thank you for watching over me still. As I look at photos and videos of you with a smile, something you were never without. May you Rest In Peace Tommy.. May God cradle you in HIS arms as you did to so many other people.. I cant say good bye Tommy.. I will say Good Nite.. sleep well little brother.. Angela

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