Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Karen A Martin 9/11/01

I have the honor to paying tribute to Karen A. Martin, much loved and very missed. She was 40 years old on 9/11/01 and was a residence of Danvers, Mass. She worked for American Airlines and was a member of the crew of Flight 11. Karen was not married but was Aunt Karen to her friends kids. When asked about her safety as a Flight Attendant “Karen said, ‘I love my job and whatever happens, happens. I love my job,” her Aunt Joan Greener recalls. “She loved people, but wasn’t intimidated by people, and I know she didn't go down without a fight.”

Loved ones have posted MANY pages of memories about Karen, this is some of what I found:

I wish I could have met you. My aunt was your best friend. :"(
Posted by michaela on 2010-10-19

I would like to pay tribute to Karen at a memorial for 9/11 victims. She was a dear friend of mine. I skied with Karen for many years with TGIF. I would like to reach her family because we were close friends, and now I am in the USCG and would like to honor her in a memorial service on 9/11 in Vero Beach, Florida. I would love to hear from you. I will never forget Karen; she will always live in my heart.
Posted by Brian Jude Spang, USCG on 2010-09-09

May 03, 2011
Karen, Bin Laden is dead, but it cannot bring you back, it cannot remove the sting of your death, but it does feel that he cannot cause this to anyone else. Our lives have a void that can never be filled. You were a gift, a pleasure, strong, and beautiful girl. You have filled a place in my heart and continue to put a smile on my face. I miss you so much sweet girl. I feel your presence in Emma each day. I'm sure you sent her down with a kiss. Thank you!
Joan Greener,
Salem, Massachusetts

May 03, 2011
I think of you daily and miss your incredible personality, infectious laugh and wonderful friendship.Bucky

Miss you still..

Hi Karen - Miss you daily. Just thinking of you as I often do. Still can't believe this happened. Love ya kid!
Theresa Sullivan McPherson

February 13, 2009
Hi Catchie - I miss you daily. Everyone of your friends miss you. Everytime all the girls go out or go to the camp we always toast to you. We planted a tree for you at the camp right next to the water. You loved that place so much. Everytime I go I read all of your entries in the guest book. It puts a smile of my face. I'm sure you are up in heaven making everyone laugh just like you did here. We miss and love you Karen very much. Everyone of our kids love and miss you. They often tell funny stories of you while we are at the camp. It keeps them going. They are all so proud to call you their friend. Love you Catchy coo
Theresa McPherson,

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