Saturday, May 07, 2011

Nick Humber 9/11/01

I have the honor of paying tribute to Nick Humber, he was 60 years old on 9/11/01. Nick was a passenger on American Airlines Flight 11. Nick was an executive of Enron Wind Corporation and was an adviser to the World Bank, a founder of Energia Global, and past president of BioMed of Boston. Nick left behind a son, a sister and a brother. From what I have read of him, Nick sounded like a great guy. He played football and lacrosse in college and was a steward for the environment. Here are some of the messages that have been left for Nick and his family.... I'm sorry you lost him.
September 10, 2010
Thinking of you Nick on this sad day - September 11th. Your cousin Rob.
I was a classmate and fellow lacrosse player of Nick at RPI. He was an absolute prince of a man. Nick, I grieve your tragic death and pray for your friends and family
Bill Wilkes
Class 1963
Here in Somerset, PA, we have a half-dozen windmills spinning on a windy hill, in view of the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Near the base of one of the windmills is a plaque describing the wonderful affect that the windmills have on our world ecology. At the bottom of the plaque is an honorary mention of Mr. Humber's name. I did not know Mr. Humber, so I searched until coming to this site.
The windmills are beautiful, Mr. Humber.
Dane Cramer
I didn't know Nicholas or anyone that did know him.I attend a small catholic high school in Los Angeles on on 9/11 we had a prayer service for everyone who we lost that day. I received Nicholas name for the person for me to pray for.Well when I got home yesterday I went to see who the man I was praying for.From what I have read about him he seems like a great man.And I want him family to know that he is in my prayers today and tomorrow and forever. I'm sorry for you loss.
Nick, I have thought of you every day since that unspeakable one. I think of the fun at your 60th birthday, and the great night at the bull riding last summer. How you loved to tease me about my unknown age and I you about your orange juice cereal.
My heart is broken. I miss you. Kath ~ Kathy Berton
Nick, You're passion for the environment and dedication to sustainability has been an inspiration to me. It was nice knowing someone with your background and skills would focus his career on making the world a better place. How wonderful it would be everyone followed your example. As for me, I'll try -- but wish you were around to lead the way.
~ Laury Saligman

Hey Nick. I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry we missed you on the Vineyard this summer. Next year, at the Fourth of July party in front of my grandmother's cottage, we'll raise a toast to you and how you loved riding your bike and sitting on the beach and enjoying friends. I always appreciated that you came to the Independence Day potluck dinner; I thought it was respectful of my grandmother, and it meant a lot to me.
We've had fun watching our boys grow up, haven't we? Was it Ninja Turtles they used to play with? I'm sorry you didn't get to meet Peter, our baby, who is now four months old.
Bye Nick. Say hey to my Grandpa Jim for me. We'll be on the lookout for Jordan next summer, and Jordan, if you're reading this, we're so sorry. Your father was a gentle man.
Lots of love,
Heather, Beau, Alex, Ben and Peter McClain


judi said...

Nick was the best man in our wedding and the best man in many lives in addition to my own. I feel a hole in my heart with his absence. He was brilliant, gentle, thoughtful and a devoted friend. I met him in 1965 and he was a fixture in my life from that day forward. He lives on in our collective memories. He was one special person. I will never forget him...this dear precious soul was amazing. Judi Anderson

Anonymous said...

I lost 2 friends that day 12 years ago, and Nick was one of them. we were colleagues and had worked together on various assignments in the '90s. we had an assignment in '97 that will stay with me forever, not only did we work 12 hr days, we enjoyed going out and having some fun, we were looking to bring in a fuel cell for the main hospital in Barbados, St. Elizabeth's - today Nick would be seen as a pioneer and a man way ahead of his time. he would be pleased to see how far things have come in alternative energy and probably be working on the next big thing already

thinking of you on this day

JP Moscarella