Friday, May 20, 2011

Michelle Heidenberger 9/11/01

I have the honor of paying tribute to Michelle Heidenberger. Michelle was the Senior Flight Attendant on American Airlines 77 on 9/11/01. She was 52 years old. From what I have read of her Michelle was a loving, caring person and was a consummate professional that did her job very well.

Here is a video from the Washington Post that has very touching and heartbreaking words from Michelle's husband along with some wonderful family pictures:

Neighbors and relatives in metropolitan Washington, D.C., remembered Heidenberger for many reasons: as a good friend, a gardener, owner of a new golden retriever puppy, and as someone who delivered groceries to older people.
"She took care of everyone else besides herself," Johnson said. "She did lots of volunteer work."
"For every one of us, at some point of our lives when we needed help, she was always the one there for us," her sister-in-law, Betsy Heidenberger, told The Washington Times.
"She was a lovely lady," neighbor Peter Dove told the Post when he answered the telephone Tuesday at the Heidenbergers' house. "We were such over-the-fence neighbors that we cut a gate in the fence."
Here are some quotes that have been left for Michelle on I'm sorry you lost her.
They got him ~ A fellow f/a, Dca
Tom, Allison and Thomas,
Each and every year I think of the courage and sacrifice Michele made for all of us on September 11th. I feel blessed to have known her. Eight years does not take away the pain of her loss; but I pray that all of you have found a way to live your lives in honor of her. We must never forget! Marie Bradford, Salisbury, Maryland
Goodbye see on the next one ~ Edward, marysville, California
My name is PFC Kenneth Fritch, and I'm stationed at Ft. Myer, VA with the Old Guard. It was an honor to be the soldier to Unvail Michele's bench at the Pentagon. God bless her, and may she rest in everlasting peace. ~ Kenneth Fritch, Ft. Myer Virginia
MEMORIES....I was in Naples, Italy in the Spring, a woman passed by me & she looked so like Michele that I called out to her "Michele"! But a-last she was not you, but oddly enough her name was Michele! They say we all have a double; I may have met yours. She was British - hair a bit lighter; I told her our story (meeting when our daughters began kindergarten, of our life long friendship & of 9/11). I stopped at the Sansevero Chapel & said a prayer in memory of you ...You are still in my thoughts ~ VERONICA CRAWFORD-ROBINSON, CHEVY CHASE, Maryland
Michele, I don't know what to say except to thank you for being you. The good times playing tennis, swim meets, gatherings at your home, craft shows,making angels in your basement. Now you are the angel looking down on us. Love Lisa Garvey
Mrs. Heidenberger was an amazing lady. Although I only met her a few times, I feel that I have known her for years from the stories told by Allison. You are greatly missed by everyone, especially your family, who would make you so proud in the courage and strength that they have shown these past four months. God Bless!!
mike coffey, manhasset, New York
An angel has been sent to heaven.
I will never forget you, you were
my best friend. I will think of you everyday of my life.
With love, your sister,Suzie

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