Thursday, May 05, 2011

David DiMeglio 9/1/11

David DiMeglio was 22 on 9/11/01, he lived in Wakefield Mass and had recently finished computer school and was starting a business in computer services -- helping people upgrade hard drives. He was a passenger on American Airlines Flight 11. His 2-year-old nephew got so excited when he saw Uncle David that he could not stand still. He wrote and sang rap songs and loved to draw. He loved motorcycles, and he was an avid wrestling fan. He is survived by his father John DiMeglio of Wakefield & Patti (Snider) DiMeglio of California. Brother of Daniel & his wife Stacy of Stoneham. Grandson of Dorothy DiMegilo of Everett. Great-grandson of Rose Cieri of Boston & Valmore Cantin of Wakefield. Dear uncle of Daniel & June DiMeglio.

David was so young and obviously very loved. I'm sorry you lost him. Here are some remembrances that have been left for David from friends and family...
David... Thinking of you and your family. Rest in Peace my friend, you are missed...
Posted by Kristen Uglietta on 2011-05-03

Thinking of you always... Posted by Michelle on 2011-04-22

Hey, Dave! Remember confirmation?! You and Ray were so funny! I don't think I heard a word that poor priest uttered. It was the benefit and the curse of having alphabetical last names. You were such a treat, funny and sincere, and I know, I KNOW, that you are in heaven now, making all the angels laugh on end! Rest in peace, friend. Posted by Alicia on 2010-11-28

I grew up with David, and I remember his smiling face in school. I'll never forget the funny jokes, and I will always remember his kindhearted nature. <3 Forever eternal. Posted by Rachel on 2010-11-14

Dave, I still can't believe it, bro.... 9 years already... I remember the good times we had together working at Bacci's for Paul and Mike (the Barrel) and Bobby.. delivering pies and pasta all around Saugus, all the laughs and good times we had I will never forget.... It just seems so surreal to me still, never gets easier. I still get goosebumps and that sinking feeling in my stomach this time of year... My heart and thoughts with prayers still go out to you and your fam and I know your up there looking down on everyone watching over us... R.i.P. Dave I will never forget... ;(
Posted by Rob Rizk on 2010-09-10

I miss you, Dave. You were one-of-a-kind, kid. You will always be with me, kid. Love, Dave R.
Posted by David Rogers on 2009-09-21

Dave, I mourn for you again today, my life was better having had known you. You were a good friend and brought a smile to my face everytime I saw you.
Eileen Moynihan,

David, you will forever be in my heart. Not a day goes by when I don't think about you. "What if's" play through my mind all the time. I miss you and love you...
Siobhan Farrell,
Qincy, Massachusetts

To those of you that never were able to know David, it is a shame. David was like a diplomat, he was friends with everybody and loved people. He is sorely missed. It was a blessing just to know him and laugh with him, he was funny, I have expected to show up at the memorial service and ask us why we were there, I guess I was hoping... Thank you David. You are in my heart and your family is in my prayers.
Eileen M,
Saugua, Massachusetts

Dave, what can I say. You have truly touched the hearts of many. You are a great friend and always will be. Monday's and Thursday's wont be the same without the Dangerzone's thoughts. AOV, What!?!
Ed Amoroso,
Saugus, Massachusetts


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

David, i never meet you but have made a promise to get to know a victim of this terrible situation. 10 years have passed and it is still very fresh in the memories of everybody the world over.
Your friends speak about you like you were a brother and that is a great quality for someone to have, you made people laugh and have left a lasting impression on all of them which means you will forever be remembered.

Wish i could have met you and my promise is to never forget all of the people who were lost that day, you are all hero's

Patricia Begay said...

David..although I have never met you, you life has touched mine. Reading about you, and the joy and laughter, that no one can forget. You will always be remembered in my heart. I will speak of your name, David, as I hear it everyday, because that is my sons name. Rest in peace my heavenly friend..

morris branch wilson nc said...

David I didn't know you but read about your life.u seem like a great person to know..remind me of one of my best your short life you made everyone proud & accomplished a and everyone will never be are in my prayers..

alex said...

Hey David...your story has touched my soul and its a shame that you had to die. We need more funny, caring, ambitious people like you. I know a person like you is up there with the angels. I know its silly to comment on a post you most likely can't see but I just want you and your family to know that I am truly sorry and angry at the hijackers for taking away a life that had so much potential. will be in my heart even though I have never met you...I feel it would have been a major life experience to have known such a remarkable person.

Raina Leon said...

I am visiting New York for work and went to the memorial today. I took a picture and somehow the only name that got caught in the frame was yours, David DiMeglio. It was beautiful. I don't know you David but I decided to find out more about you...who you are...where you are from...just more about you. So here I am. We are the same age. I have so many emotions running through my body as I read about you. I feel blessed to have captured your name in my photo and to have found this blog. Rest in Precious Peace.