Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Kathleen Nicosia 9/11/01

I have the honor of paying tribute to Kathleen Nicosia who was 54 years old when she died on 9/11/01. Kathleen was a flight attendant on American Airlines Flight 11. Kathleen was married to George and had a daughter named Marianne.

Family, friends and strangers have left message for her, here are some of the ones that I found while reading about Kathleen:

I went to high school with Kathy. What a great friend! Those of us who went to school with her will truly miss her. A memorial in her name has been placed at the high school. REST IN PEACE, KATHY! Posted by Deborah J. Moore on 2009-08-14

On this third anniversary of that awful day in September 2001... we continue to always remember Kathy, who was a very close friend...and will always remember her laugh and smile.
Peter & Lani Blouin, West Peabody, Massachusetts

It's been over three years since I lost my aunt Kathy, yet I still think of her each and every day. Her beautiful smile and warm, caring nature can never be lost or forgotten. She was a true angel in my eyes. I could never forget when I was younger, she saved me from drowning when we went on a family vacation. Now, all I can do is pray that she knows how much we all love and miss her. Dear God, please keep her spirit safe so I can one day see her again, in heaven.
Stephanie Meyer, Tecumseh, MichiganKathleen Nicosia was a dear aunt, and we miss her very much. Her sense of humor and care for others will never be forgotten. She is survived by a daughter - through whom Aunt Kathy's light shines every day - and a husband who misses her dearly. We love you, Aunt Kathy.
Diane Hund, Dallas, Texas

This person left many messages to Kathleen, year after year. He did not know her but was given her name to pray for the 9/11 victims:

Most recent: September 11, 2010

I never knew you, or your family, I never knew anything about you. When I was in High School in 2001 after the tragedy all the students received on person from the horrific incident to have on a wrist band and to pray for. Nine years later I still remember your name and still think about you from time to time. I keep you and your family in my prayers always.

Mike Cooley Kalamazoo, Michigan

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Judy Key said...

After September 11, my church in Albuquerque, NM (Calvary Chapel)wanted to commemorate the loss of all the lives. Lenya Heitzig, our pastor's wife, came up with the idea to make sterling silver bracelets inscribed with a name of each one of the victims. We purchased ours and I randomly received "Kathleen Nicosia American Airlines Flight #11 Crew". I just want Kathleen's family to know that I wear my bracelet on my wrist and her name is engraved in my heart. I will never forget her either.

- Judy Key
Albuquerque, NM