Thursday, May 05, 2011

Kelly Ann Booms 9/11/01

I have the honor of paying tribute to Kelly Ann Booms. Kelly was a young 24 years old on 9/11/01, she worked as an accountant, for Price Waterhouse Coopers and had just passed her accounting test the previous summer. Kelly was a passenger on American Airlines Flight 11. Kelly was the oldest of four siblings. She is said to have been very outgoing and had many friends. Reading the memories that people leave on the different 9/11 sites it always strikes me that friends and relatives are speaking to them, not about them, but to them. Things like I miss you, happy birthday and Kelly is no exception. She was greatly loved and very missed. Here are some of my favorite messages to her:

February 05, 2011
Hi Kelly, February 1st was your birthday and I am remembering all the fun birthday parties you had and the expected snow storm your birthday usually ushered in! So many great times that will always be a part of me. I love you.Aunt Linda xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

July 06, 2010
Kelly, I was looking for you on Facebook today. This is Tara Tarney from Smith Middle School. We were good friends even when you went to live in Austrailia. I was an aspiring dancer at the time and you were so encouraging. I will never forget how encouraging you were for me through the years we were friends. We lost our friend Ryan Beaman in 7th grade and I remember how sweet you were to me and others while grieving yourself. Later in life I would meet someone from Australia and Id always ask did you ever meet an American named Kelly Booms? Funny to ask a random Australian but I knew if they met you once they'd remember you. We spoke a few times after you moved to Australia and you were having such a great time growing up there for a bit. I can hear the excitement in your voice as if it were last week. I've missed you over the years and thought of you often. Whats that superstar doing now? I'd think. Mr and Mrs Booms you are such great parents. You were always always there for your kids. You'd have us over, carpool and care for all us kids and I appreciate it. I'm so sorry for your loss the next time I am in NY I will pay my respects to Kelly Ann. I miss her. Tara
Tara Tarney,
Grand Rapids, Michigan

April 28, 2010
Kelly, as the days pass by the pain does not ease. You belong here with us, you where truly and amazing girl, you have got no idea how much everyone that knew you loves you. it couldn't be the same, it never will be the same there was something about you that just completed my life. Although you are not here, You are still here with me, in my heart you still are here, guiding me and helping me make the right decisions. i know its you that helps me when things are tough. It would be so much better if you where here with me.I love you Kelly.

Love you always and forever Chloe xoxoxoxox

Kelly Ann, I have been thinking of you all day. I can't get you out of my head today. I think of your Mom & Dad and your brothers all the time as well. All of you are in my thoughts and prayers all the time. I know you are watching down on everyone keeping everyone safe. May you find peace and comfort in your days to come.


Brenda page,
Bay City, Michigan

Miss you cuz.

i love you


April 23, 2002
Kelly came into ours lives about 2yrs ago,she was dating our son Tom.I will never forget her smile,and the wonderful way she made people feel.We feel so sad for our son, the Booms and us. We miss her so much. I'm so glad she was in our lives, even if it was for this short time. We will never forget Kelly!Please pray for her family and my son for healing.
Susan Henk,

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