Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Jennifer and Kenneth Lewis 9/11/01

I have the honor of paying tribute to Jennifer and Kenneth Lewis. They were both flight attendants on American Airlines Flight 77 on that horrible day. They had been married since 1993.

Jennifer was 38 years old and had loved horses. She is said to have been a practical joker.

Kenneth was 49 years old and loved golf, and traveling and watching his wife at horse shows. They were a close and loving couple. I'm sorry that you lost them.

Here are some of the messages that loved ones and strangers have left for each of them, from Legacy.com..... the messages can tell stories of all these people much better than I can.

I think about you often, Ken. And, I hope you know how much you are loved and missed. You and Jennifer are together forever in a much better place....watching over those have grieved. On this day, I pray that God has given you your much deserved wings...wings of an angel. ~ Mary Ellen Jesse, Cleveland, Ohio

Today is the 7th anniversary. It is hard to believe. You and Jennifer will always be in my heart. I miss you both so much. Patti Mayberry, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Kenny was the most wonderful man who so deserved a most wonderful life. To this day, March 6, 2006, I still love him so deeply. I am so grateful that he found such a wonderful, loving, fabulous woman to be his wife. I am so sad she had to die, I know how much she loved him, I am so happy she made his life here wonderful, therefore, although I never met or knew her, I love her too for the love she gave him. I'll never stop loving Kenney. I'll write more when I'm able-it's taken this long for me to be able to write this. His death has been extremely difficult to accept. His parents are beautiful people and anyone who knows them should be helpful to them because loss of their loving son is more than anyone can fathom-he called them every day-no son I know or have known does that-just Kenny!!! liz draper, orchid island, Florida

Ken, As your big 50th nears on February 28th, I feel your loss even more. You know I would have been there to help you celebrate! You were a special guy and one heck of a husband to my sister Jennifer. As time moves on, it only seems to get harder. I will forever miss our golf days, our ski and hike trips to Colorado and of course the Jimmy Buffett concerts and boating on Lake Anna. Riley and Chayley will miss so much in their lives by not having you and Jennifer around to watch them grow. I miss you and I send my birthday toast to you! People say you two are in a better place, hard for me to accept that but I sure hope " KENNIFER " are safe and happy!
Barry Gore, Dexter, Michigan

I found out today how Jen was no longer with us and I wanted to share some stories of her, I knew she had passed, but did not know the circumstances until today. I remember Jen when we were in jr high and high school together. She was one of my good friends at the time. We would sit in home room in 7th and 8th grade and laugh and giggle, plus we were in several classes together--Oh God, get us two together, who both loved to laugh uutt-ooo! I think that's what drew me to her, just wanting to laugh and have fun. Back then there was a "Dorothy Hamil" hair style which I "tried" to pull off. She called me "mushroom" or "smushmush" or "mushy" whatever hit her at the time. And the nickname stuck, no matter what hair style I got after that! It's funny how you can forget these things until something jars your memory. Jen's family moved away when she was in 9th or 10th grade, but she was only gone several months and when she came back for a visit she had the southern twang and it sounded awesome coming from her. I just said, "Jen you've only been gone 4 or 5 months and you've picked up the southern accent that quickly?!!!" I just laughed, as did she, hearing the difference in her accent. I think that was the last time I saw Jen, but I remember her smile and the sound of her laugh and her braces! She always seemed to want to joke around. And I remember this one distinct outfit she used to wear, which must have been her fave, a green and white checked shirt and green corduroys, whenever I think of her that's what I remember and her beautiful blonde hair, which I envied. I was honored to know Jen. My heart is heavy today, but she and others are truly American Heroes, she has my respect for what she and Ken and all the others who passed on that day went through and I will continue to keep her in my thoughts forever. Thank you for letting me share tidbits of my friendship with her. I hope this can give you some comfort, as you look back and can read about parts of her life with friends. I missed her then and I miss her now. RIP smiling angel, I hope to visit your memorial at the Pentagon some day :) Lorri Gauthier-Wood, Bennington, Vermont
hello, If you dont remember me, I am Chloe, Heidi Prayon, one of you old roommates and best friends, daughter. I used to ride Poet quite often. I am almost 13 now and I still remember the day that will be in our hearts forever. I still have the Poet horse stuffed animal that you gave me when I was a baby and whenever I see it it reminds me of you. Miss you lots. So does my mom.
Chloe Prayon, Chantilly, Virginia

I knew Jennifer through our mutual love of horses. I'll always remember her radiant smile, the way she could whistle SO loud, and the joy she had for life. I'll always miss seeing her and Poet in the ring. ~ Diane Cicak, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

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Russ said...

I knew these two people. I flew with them several times when I was based in DC. I have never met a couple more in love. They used to work their schedule together and joked they were saving AA thousands on hotel rooms.��
They died doing what they loved to do on 9/11/2001. I know Ken fought them fiercely with everything he had until he couldn't anymore. Never forget. I never will.