Thursday, May 19, 2011

David Charlebois 9/11/01

I have the honor of paying tribute to David Charlebois. David was 39 years old on 9/11/01, he was the First Officer on American Airlines Flight 77. He was serving as copilot on that flight. He was survived by his partner of 14 years, Tom Hay, and his parents who live in Front Royal, Virginia. He attended Catholic services with his parents until his death. David helped carry the banner for the National Gay Pilots Association in the Millenium March on Washington in 2000 marching in uniform. He also helped raise money for the Sexual Minority Youth Assistance League. He will be remembered fondly by many friends for his kindness, loyalty and positive attitude. Here are some of the messages I found for David. I'm so sorry to his loved ones and friends, he sounded like an amazing person to know and love....

"He was handsome and happy and very centered," Travis White, a neighbor in Charlebois' Washington, D.C. neighborhood, told the Washington Post. "His life was the kind of life I wanted to have someday."

They got him David.... Rest my friend.
Dca crew member

David,I can still remember running into you at the gym on Monday 9/10/01 and as you always did, you had a big smile on your face and it was always very nice talking to you and getting to know you over those short two years. You had such a good heart and you are still very much missed. I still remember the last words you said to me. " I am leaving tomorrow for LA, I will see you when I get back". Stephen, Washington DC

Thank you for taking me around on career day to the airport when I was young. I'll never forget you. Elizabeth Kelley

I still miss you every day. I am so happy to have had you as my best friend. Love you always - Dianne Ihling, Reading, Kansas

I miss you very much my sweet friend!

Dave, I remember our pool side chats at River Run Apartments while we were attending Embry-Riddle. Thanks so much again for letting me borrow your vacuum cleaner all those many times. Remember my sister Val? She joined you in Heaven two years ago...bless you for all the great memories and your selfless actions
Ron LeBlanc, Bridgton, Maine

Uncle David was the shining star in our family. Whenever he walked into a room, it always brightened up. He always carried his head high with a smile on his face that would make anyone smile. We have so many fond memories with him growing up, and I can't believe that there will be no more memories to more teaching me how to steal cookies out of the cookie jar and arrange them so Grandma wouldn't notice... I am thankful that we have Tom here to share and make memories with because he reminds me so much of my uncle. They are alike in so many ways. I will continue to love and miss you Uncle David...please continue watching over us.
Danielle Lamb, Stephens City

You are a loving Uncle. I love you very much and you are missed very much by all of us.
Angela Bryner, Winchester, Virginia

Your airline pilot brothers and sisters will not forget you David!
Captain Andrew McKinley, Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin
I flew with David only a couple of times and on the eve of this 5th Anniversary I do not, nor will I ever forget, the sacrifice he has made. It will not be in vain.On each and every flight I now make, I draw on his inner strength to prevent this from ever happening again.Rest well and peacefully my friend. Capt. Jay Monesterio, Florida

I very much miss Uncle David. I love him. Every memory that I have of him is treasured.
jessie charlebois, richmond, Virginia

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