Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Renee May 9/11/01

I have the honor of paying tribute to Renee May. Renee was 39 years old on 9/11/01, she was a Flight Attendant for American Airlines on Flight 77. She loved art and worked as a docent at the Walters Art Museum and was engaged to be married. She made blankets for her friends and liked to travel the US.

Here are some of the memories that I found on Legacy.com - both to Renee and telling stories about her and how much she will be missed.

The 7th Anniversary has come and gone. We had a dedication for the 9/11 Memorial in Grapvine on 7-4-2008. I thought of you on my Maui trip last week, Renee. I flew with Shirley Hall and told her about you and why I had not visited any of the sights around the country. I was impressed with the speech she wrote and the results of the sculpture. I wish I could have been there to represent you but I had a trip. You would be proud of the volunteers who have worked so hard to make the monument come to fruition. I made a contribution and it is in your memory. I am ready to visit the sights, I will go to Ground Zero, the Pentagon and to Grapvine. Shirley has helped me make the first move, I think seeing the pictures and reading her speech did it for me. I know it will be tough but nothing compared to the bravery you exemplified 9-11-2001. As we leave the month of September for 2008, I will not forget you, ever. I think of you each time I take off on a trip and ask God to have the angels go with me. You are one of those I know is with me.Blessings to your family, I sure hope they get to read these entries and know how much you meant to all of us. You are my SHERO!Dawn Michelle Berry AA Classmate 87-27 (Goldi) Dawn Michelle Berry,
Frisco, Texas

Renee was my mother's best friend. My mom is Thais Schurder! Some one mentioned them always being together and loving Rod Stewart and it made me smile. She was the most warm hearted, sweet person. I would always get so excited when she would come visit! She is forever in our hearts. My mom tells me fun storys about her all the time. I look up to her, and wish that I can some day turn out to be half as good of a person as she was. I didnt get to know you for too long, but the time you spent in my life I will never forget. Please put my mother in your prayers. Emma Schurder, Barrington, Illinois

Dear Renee,Another September 11 has come and gone. I find myself trying not to think about it, but thoughts of you keep running thru my mind. Your AA family will always miss you!
Joni Williams, Baltimore, Maryland

My dear Renee.It the 2nd anniversary of that horrible day.I miss you so much but you live in my heart and memories and are in my eternal prayers.I wear your bracelet always and you are my angel when I fly at work. I know you have given me signs you are watching over me. I have felt your presence so deeply at times. You are now in a better world than which we live. One day we all will walk hand in hand in God's garden together again. I miss you so much. May God watch over your family and help them heal. your dear friend, Tina Newport Middletown, Delaware

Today is the 6 month anniversary. I am sitting at my computer in my office, the same place I did on that day. So today I am doing something different. I looked up someone who is the same age as me, exactly. And then I read everything on line about her. Wow, she was really well loved. I am sorry for your loss, we still feel it, here in Canada too, your war is our war, your loss is our loss, we are strong because you are, and believe in peace and brotherhood, the same as you do. Your neighbor to the north, sheds two tears for every one of yours.
Sherry Ballman, Winnipeg, Manitoba

It's been 5 month...I still hear Renee's voice each and everyday. I can see her in my mind's eye. I know we all have a crew of angels flying with us each and every day we put on the blue polyester...I miss you Renee. Thanks for the friendship and the memories
Betty Marzoa, Chester, Maryland

Renee May was my god mother. She was also fun to be around. I will never forget the sound of her voice and the great memories we had together. Brandon Worden, Escondido, California

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