Friday, May 06, 2011

Peter Hashem 9/11/01

I have the honor of paying tribute to Peter Hashem. Peter was 40 years old on 9/11/01. Peter was survived by his wife, Rita; two children. His mother and seven siblings. Hashem and his family moved to the Lawrence area from Lebanon in 1970. Peter was a senior software engineering manager at Teradyne, Inc. in Boston, MA, Peter was a devoted Maronite Catholic parishioner of St. Anthony’s Church and an active member of his community.

In 2002 Teradyne, Inc. announced the establishment of the Peter Hashem Memorial Scholarship. "Peter was a strong believer in the value of education," said George Chamillard, Teradyne chairman and CEO. "We hope this scholarship will, in some small way, honor his memory."The Peter Hashem Memorial Scholarship will be available annually to children, stepchildren and grandchildren of Teradyne employees, beginning with the 2003-2004 academic year.

Peter was loved and is missed by firends and family. I can't imagine their grief, I'm sorry. Here are some memories and messages that have been left for Peter over the years...

Peter, we will never forget. Not in nine years, or nine thousand. Amen, brother.
Joe T, Cohasset, Massachusetts

PeterMay you find yourself in the warm loving arms of God. There is peace and comfort there. Although we miss you very much, we hope to see you again. Abdo and Samaria

Years are passing,but we will never forget.
Kam Mereb

My, hard to believe it has been one year since the tragedy which took your Peter from you occurred. Just know that all of the Hashem family is always on my mind and in my heart. If we can be of any help during this painful anniversary time, don't hesitate to call and I'll be there for you. Peter is safe now and he looks down over each of you each day to give you the courage and strength to go on without him. You are a very unique family with an amazing bond; I thank God for giving that to each of you. Love, Martha & Family

To the Hashem family,It is January, 4 months after the tragedy and not one day goes by that Peter isn't in my thoughts and prayers. I see the many comments of my co-workers and I still find myself speechless, even after all this time. He was a wonderful person, funny, charming and fun to work with. He will never be forgotten by all of his friends at Teradyne. How lucky you are to have two carbon copies of him in your sons! If you ever need anything - all you have to do is ask. God Bless. Melinda Guarino

This message to Peter is one that I identify with the most as it's how I would feel:

Dear Peter,

That you are in heaven means you know who I am and remember the friendship we started one day, and which will last for eternity. I will never forget you. And I will never forgive those who murdered you.-VotingFemale


Phil Smith said...

Told some friends about Peter's impact on me. I'll always remember his advice and his personality. Loved and not forgotten.

Gilbert Giudice said...

Back in 1992 I spent a wonderful week-end with Peter and his family.
We all miss him dearly.
We love you Peter.