Thursday, May 12, 2011

Charles Edward Jones 9/11/01

I have the honor of paying tribute to Colonel Charles Edward ("Chuck") Jones was a United States Air Force officer, and an astronaut in the USAF. He was scheduled to go into space but his mission was canceled after the Challenger disaster. Colonel Jones was on American Airlines Flight 11 on September 11, 2001.

What a great man and American that was said to have had "The Right Stuff." Here are some messages and memories that have been left for him.

To Chuck's Family & friends;I want to pass on my condolences on this day; I still remember my jealousy when HE got a chance to fly a T-38, after I taught him to fly!
Doug Freeman,
Prescott Valley, Arizona

To Chuck, family & friends My heart is heavy today.It has been 5 years since that ill-fated trip.We toasted your tragic loss at our 4th squadron table during our 30th reunion.I still find it hard to believe that you are gone.I pray that dear friends, classmates, and loved ones will continue to reach out to those whose lives were changed so much by your loss.I pray that God will carry them, guide them, and lead them again to a full life.I have visited ground zero. Rest assured, I will not forget.Chuck, God bless you. Rest in peace.Your old roommate and Astro buddySal
Sal Alfano,
Monument, Colorado

Chuck,Your friends and classmates from USAFA Class of '74 will never forget you. You inspired us all and kept us laughing while sending the message of leadership by example. The deep pain we feel from your loss is thoroughly cleansed only by the fact that we knew such a bright and talented professional. Your memory continues to brighten our lives every day.
Tully Brown,
Austin, Texas

At this time of remembrance of the Columbia crew & others, I would like to recognize the accomplishments of this man who also served his country in the Air Force and in other ways. His skills qualified him to be on a space shuttle flight crew, but he left the program after the tragic Challenger accident in 1986. May God bless his family & friends.~ From an Army vet.
Sally Majestic,
Sacramento, California

Col. Jones, or as my husband secretly called you, Chuck E. J-I still cannot believe that you are gone. I didn't know you too well, but I do know that you were a great person. Marty admired you so. He always had something nice to say about you, and I can understand why. The one thing that I love to remember about you is that we shared the same birthday, Nov. 4th. Do you remember calling me and singing me "Happy Birthday?" It was so very sweet of you. I'll never forget it! In fact, I always wish you a happy birthday every Nov.4th, and I'll keep doing so... Thank you for serving our country, for always being kind to Marty and I, and for letting us have a chance to know you.
Regina Bowe,
Canton, Ohio

Col Jones,You taught me more than you can imagine. First you taught me what it meant to be a good officer, then a good boss, and above all a good person. Thanks for your inspiration, I use it every day. Gina misses you too--you were always her favorite!
Marty Bowe,
Canton, Ohio

You are not forgotten Chuck, I will always think of you whenever I look at the Oceans that I know you loved so much. Peace be with you.
Jay DiPietro,
Swampscott, Massachusetts

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Anonymous said...

I did not know until about one year ago what a success you had become since East High School from a mutual friend. My heart aches that you contributed so much to society and humanity and your life was cut so short for such a worthless, tragic event. I am proud to have known you in those early smart, so professional with your clarinet playing..may the angels in Heaven keep watch over you and God bless you and your family. Dr. Cynthia Ellis-Stoll