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John D. Yamnicky Sr. 9/11/01

I have the honor of giving tribute to John D. Yamnicky Sr. John was on flight 77. What a tremendous American he was. Here is some information that I found out about him, along with some quotes from people that knew and loved him. John D. Yamnicky Sr., 71, a decorated Navy test pilot who survived combat missions in Korea and Vietnam. His wife, Janet, was working as a nurse at Jacksonville Naval Hospital when they met. They married in 1959 and had four children, three of whom still live in Southern Maryland.
"John spent most weekends on the tractor, mowing, dragging the fields, checking the fence lines. He loved his tractors--he had two--and really enjoyed taking care of the farm on weekends or evenings. He loved seeing the improvement and changes, something not always obvious in his work with the Navy and government. We have lived on, and improved, a 10-acre horse farm in Waldorf, Maryland, for 30 years. The picture, with him holding our first grandson on the tractor, includes what was important in his life: home and family and teaching the grandchildren." -- Jann Yamnicky, wife.
John was a Naval Aviator, a true professional. I met him in the fall of 1960 at the Naval Air Test Center, Patuxent River, MD. John was in our U.S. Navy Test Pilot School class. It was Class 28. After working, studying and flying with John, I rated him as number one in all aspects of the job and from our first meeting I was impressed with him as a knowing, caring and considerate person... always with a smile and a bountiful sense of humor, the kind of gentleman you enjoy being with and having on your team. It was with particular enthusiasm that I joined up with him for our annual Tailhook Reunion and Symposiums and TPS class reunions in such places as Lexington Park, Maryland and San Diego. In fact, the last time I saw John was at Tailhook '01 in Sparks, Nevada. It was immediately before the infamous date now referred to as ... 9/11. John is aboard that great aircraft carrier in the heavens and waiting for us to come aboard.
*** Posted by N Lee Bausch on 2006-07-20 ***

John was a great man, a great father, grandfather, and friend. He was a pleasure to be around.

John was buried as a hero in Arlington cemetery. Please visit this link to view some pictures of John and to read a very touching tribute that was written by his daughter.

I remember Captain Yamnicky well. I was a member of VA-172 from June 1966 – Oct 1969. He was XO and later became CO of the squadron during that time. He was a great skipper and respected his men regardless of their rank. He was also well liked and respected by his men. My sincere thoughts and prayers go out to his family for their great loss. I have attached a picture of the CO taken at Ramstein AFB in 1969 when we were on detachment there for a base COC ceremony.
Terry Johnson,
Kansas City, Missouri
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July 31, 2009
While serving with VA-172 Bluebolts I got to know Captain Yamnicky when he was the XO. I remember him as a very kind officer and gentleman. I learned alot from him and the Navy. He was a very respected Skipper and well liked by his men, officers and enlisted. Skipper and the men serving with him became one of the best A4 Squardron during that time. Mt thoughts are with him and all. I frequently look through my cruise books which gives me great memories. I send my condolences out to the Skipper's family.
Edward Trudeau,
Ticonderoga, New York
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June 18, 2009
I stumbled upon this nice site by accident. Although I never had the pleasure of meeting Captain Yamnicky personally, I did have the pleasure of working with his wonderful daughter, Jennifer. Now I realize that we have more in common. John served on the USS Ranger in the 60's - I served on the Ranger in the 80's. John served with VA-172, the Bluebolts, I served with VA-176, the Thunderbolts.After 9/11, I always knew that there was someone I had contact with who either died on that horrible day, or whose immediate family was affected by it. I spent many years at Andrews AFB and shared beers with people who worked daily in the Pentagon, but lived on base. I always worried that one of them died at the Pentagon that morning. Until today- I never knew Jennifer's Dad was taken. Now I know where she got the good qualities that make her a great person.My heartfelt condolences go out to Jennifer and her family! God Bless!!
Bill Keogh,
Richmond, Virginia
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June 08, 2009
Happy Birthday; Fair Winds & Following Seas!!!
Doug Abraham,
Livonia, Michigan
December 26, 2008
I had the unique honor to serve as John's Assistant Operations Officer in VA-146. We made a combat deployment together on USS RANGER in 1966. John was a great leader, a true warrior, and an American patriot. I was fortunate to spend a weekend with him at a Tailhook reunion some 10 years ago. I was devastated to hear of his loss. My heart goes out to the Yamnicky family. I will never forget John with his ready smile and friendly manner, rest in peace my Shipmate.
CDR Hugh Magee,
Lemon Grove, California

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Cathy said...

No doubt he was a character and a great American.

Thank you for remembering John Yamnicky.