Saturday, September 04, 2010

Cynthia Connolly 9/11/01

I have the honor of paying tribute to Cynthia Connolly. I'm sorry - I could not find a picture of Cynthia. Cynthia was loved as evident to the comments left to her on

Cindy. You were my cousin, and I lost the opportunity to spend more time with you, and enjoy the company of your beautiful self. Although I met you later in life, I was immediately drawn to you by your big, infectious laughter and loving, genuine self. You made me feel as though we'd known each other very well, all along. I think of you and mourn our family's great loss. Cheryl
Cheryl McDowall,
Ottawa, Ontario

September 11, 2006
I think about you every day, and I can still hear you laughing. We shared alot of good times, and helped each other through the bad ones. I miss you and will always have you in my heart.
Gail Henderson,
September 06, 2006
Cindy was what every human being should be. I think about you everyday may sound strange but every now and then I can still smell the scent of your house and it comforts me and lets me know that you are ok. I love you so much and will miss you forever.
montreal, Quebec
September 10, 2005
I still can't belive that the little one isn't here. I have good memeroies of cindy with the rest of our gang driving up to rawdon in jonny c. mustang, and singing along to led zepplin on the 8 track. wish you were here.
nancy wheeler,
rawdon, Quebec
October 04, 2004
I knew Cindy in my late teens early 20's from Montreal, QC. We both attended the Motherhouse. She was a spunky person with a desire to overachieve at whatever she did. She was a wonderful person who's life was cut too short. I think of her often and still cannot believe that she was 'there' that day. I do have a lot of wonderful memories of her that I can look back on, but still wish she was here 'today'. God bless, Colleen
Billerica, Massachusetts


Teena in Toronto said...

I thought you might be interested in reading 10 year anniversary tribute in "The Toronto Star" about Cynthia.

Kelly said...

Thanks. I did have a hard time finding info about her. Your link didn't work so here is the story on her. I'm not posting her picture since it seems her family does not want a lot of info on her out. I'm sorry if I am being insensitive.