Saturday, September 04, 2010

John Swaine 9/11/01

I have the honor of paying tribute to John Swaine. John worked at Cantor Fitzgerald in the WTC on September 11, 2001.

John Swaine was the consummate Wall Street bond trader: "Aggressive and full of boundless energy," said his brother-in-law, Richard McGuire. He worked at Cantor Fitzgerald for about 10 years. "He really loved his work," Mr. McGuire said. "He worked hard and played hard."But he wanted to share the wealth. He helped his brother-in-law, John Reo, get a job at Cantor, trading bonds. They worked and died together on the 104th floor.Mr. Swaine, 37, of Larchmont, N.Y., may have loved the Street but he did not fall for the trappings. He preferred to help his extended family, and to spend money on his wife of 13 years, Suzanne, and three daughters. "He rarely spent any money on himself," Mr. McGuire said. "He provided his family with a beautiful home. But he was unassuming. He didn't have fancy cars or suits. He took the subway from the train every day. Everything he did, he did it for his family."
Dear Suzanne, Sarah, Emily and Hannah, Just wanted you to know that I thought about all of you many times not only today but just about every day. Jake and I still keep John very much alive in our thoughts and memories at the many school, church, and community events we share with you as well as many everyday moments. We promise you we will never forget him.
Larchmont, New York
God Bless John and his Wife Suzanne and three daughters Sara, Emily, and Hanna.
New York
To Suzanne and girls, no words can be spoken to ease your pain, Your family has had to endure more than most could imagine in a lifetime. My-self and my family keep you in our prayers daily. John and Suzanne Reo, are cousins of mine who share the same hometown, I see there mom, in church and give her a hug, and let her know we are continuing to pray, If anything we can ever do, please let us know. Remember your friends and family are here to support you.
Pam Badolato-Doyle,
Troy, New York
From: Jack
Hi Uncle John_ I pray for you.

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