Saturday, September 04, 2010

Michael J. Lyons 9/11/01

I have the honor of paying tribute to Michael J. Lyons. At 32, Mr. Lyons had grown up to be a firefighter himself with Squad 41 in the Bronx, and before that, with Engine Company 44 on the Upper East Side. But Mr. Lyons was good not only at putting out fires. A graduate of Manhattan College, he worked as an engineer on the side to make extra money. His other jobs included fixing roofs, driving a hot-dog truck and taking counter orders at the Yonkers deli where he met his future wife, Elaine (she was a waitress there). "He was always working," she said. "There would be spans of two days when I wouldn't see him."Mr. Lyons had started slowing down, though, after his daughter Caitlyn was born 17 months ago on his birthday. He never had the chance to meet his second daughter, Mary, who was born last month and named after his late mother. Mrs. Lyons gave the baby the middle name Michael.
Some quotes from loved ones:
Mike may you rest in peace...Memories of hanging out in the firehouse (Hawthorne) help me get through this day every year...and those late night false alarms, getting back to the house and you saying wheres the beers....I will never forget, With love to you, Elaine & the girls....
Hawthorne, New York
Words fall short when I try and think of what to say. I can only express now that after those Tragic events of that fatefull day, I say I love you more , I give longer hugs to my little one's and appreciate the simple things we have been blessed with. GOD BLESS your family its obvious he already blessed all of us by making you a Firefighter. 343 GBNF Brotherhood in SoCal
James M. Lyons,
Apple Valley, California
Mike - I think of you always and laugh remembering of all those goofy things we did when we worked at Epsteins back in the day. You should still be here laughing and smiling. I'm so sad for Elaine, Caitlyn, and Mary that you aren't. God bless you. You are a hero to so many!
Pamela Roberts,
Yonkers, New York
You are my biggest hero. You saved so many lives and became a hero that day. Everyone you left that day has you in their hearts forever. Caitlyn, Mary and Aunt Elaine love you so much and are so so proud to have you as a Husband and a father. We love you so much that you cant even believe. Michael was so young when he died. But he died known as a hero, a brave man, a wonderful father, a wonderful husband, brother,Uncle, son and much much more...Uncle Michael, you are always in my heart and I will never give you up as my hero. I LOVE YOU.
Elizabeth Cody,
Hawthorne, New York
On this 2nd anniversary of that most horrible day, our thoughts are with my courageous brother Michael, who will stand for us who knew him and for all those who didn't as a man's man, who gave all he had, each day, for those he loved. For his loving wife Elaine, his children Caitlyn and Mary Michael, born and unborn, and the extended Lyons family, his short life on Earth will fill us with joyful memories for decades to come. We pray that his sacrifice will not be in vain, and the world will have changed forever, and for the better, for the events of Sept. 11th. We will relive him as the girls get older and develop some of his habits. We loved him in life, and will be saddened for our loss, always.
Kieran Lyons,
Darien, Connecticut

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