Saturday, September 04, 2010

William "Bill" Biggart 9/11/01

I have the honor of paying tribute to William "Bill" Biggart. He was a photographer that was with some firefighters at the WTC on September 11th, 2001. He is survived by his wife Wendy and two children.
From what I have read of him, Bill loved what he did. Here are some messages left to him and his family from He much much loved.
March 16, 2002
Although we did not know Bill personally, we feel as though we did through the many wonderful stories Chris and Lisa have told us. He was obviously a wonderful man and a cherished member of your family. We hope you find peace in knowing Bill died doing what he loved to do, and that his spirit will always be with you, to guide and protect you.Our thoughts have been with you since September and you will remain in our prayers. God Bless!
The Koehler Family,
East Hampton, New York
February 03, 2002
Dear Wendy and family,Please know that Peter's and my thoughts are with you. Peter has so many stories about Bill growing up with him in St. James, the dare-devil escapades, the laughs over getting away with the stuff the parents never did find out about. And that boldness and incredible zest for life as a child never never left him. He was truly one of the most "alive" people I've ever met in my 53 years. There was such an electricity about his personality, I would feel charged up just standing next to him. When I feel life has gotten me down, I sometimes just think about Bill and his energy gives me a lift. And, as bonified tree-huggers ourselves, we feel his presence and energy that much more. We will find a tree here in Montauk to dedicate to his memory.Love always,Kay and Pete
Kay Liss,
Montauk, New York
Dear Wendy and the rest of Bill's family, Bill was always a friend and we knew each other from the beginning of Impact Visuals. I just had daughter and was away from NYC during 9/11. That morning when I heard the news I grabbed my daughter realizing how helpless we are to protect our children or even ourselves. I knew many of my colleagues would be down at the WTC and i prayed for all. It was several days before I received an e-mail about Bill and was shocked and saddened. My heart goes out to you, but as well rejoice in the life he lived.
Catherine Smith,
Brooklyn, New York

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