Saturday, September 04, 2010

David Prudencio LeMagne 9/11/01

I have the honor to pay tribute to David Prudencio LeMagne. Officer Lemagne, 27, lived in North Bergen, N.J., and was a police officer for the Port Authority, as well as a part-time paramedic in New Jersey.

Some tributes I found from loved ones:
David"You are still in our hearts". I is not a week that your name does not come up in our house. We will always treasure all the gatherings that we had at our house. Remembering those domino games, smoking those CUBAN cigars and especially Ricky's BBQ. You were not just a friend, you were part of our family. You were always there.You will never be forgotten. And as long we are alive your candle will always be lid on that date of 911 when you became a "HERO".We love you always, one day we all will meet and have a great party together.Your friends, Ricky, Maria, Richard & Michael
Alvarez Family,
West New York, New Jersey
For the past 6 years, we've been lighting candles on this day thinking of you and wish you were around, you are greatly missed, we love you, we miss you, and you will never be forgotten....
Henry Nieves,
Bayonne, New Jersey
Whats up 250 I miss you so much since that day 6 yrs ago when the crew of 440 told me that you went over . I said to myself is he crazy , but then I realised that it was Dave . Dave you are the man. You always went above and beyond. Nancy and I always talk about the stuff we use to pull at the MC and man do we laugh. I miss your facial expression when you laugh but I do hear it . You will always be remembered Dave at the Rivera's home . We love you , admire you and most of all miss you 250. ( yeah right 250 & a half better said LOL) Love you DAVID P. LEMAGNE
Julio Rivera,
Jersey City, New Jersey
Saturday February 17,2007 All your friends and family got together to celebrate your life. Tomorrow would of been your birthday.I know you know that you were loved and will always be loved and missed." happy Birthday"
jani vega,
Brooklyn, New York
David,Four years ago you were taken from this world and with you went all OUR plans and dreams but you failed to take away all the good memories we created - those I'll carry with me FOREVER!As I always said to you "I LOVE YOU TODAY, TOMORROW, FOREVER!"Till we meet again, in Heaven
New Jersey

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