Saturday, September 04, 2010

John S Ryan 9/11/01

I have the honor to pay tribute to John S Ryan. He is survived by his wife Maria and his two children, Autumn and Colin. A quote from his wife Maria from

There are many things Mrs. Ryan is going to tell her son about his father."I want him to know how many people his dad touched," said Mrs. Ryan, 31. "Daddy played lacrosse at college. Daddy was a bond broker. Daddy just went to work as usual, trying to make a living for his family. He was excited that you were coming. He knew you were a boy, but he wasn't sure if he wanted to know. This is how he found out: The doctor wrote down your sex and put it in a sealed envelope. A week later we went out for dinner for our fourth wedding anniversary. He needed two martinis before he could open it."When he did he screamed, `It's a boy!' "
More heartwrenching is a post from his daughter who I know misses and loves her dad:
dear dad
This is Autumn. I miss You a lot. Mom had another baby. Her name is Ella. Now she is 13 months old.
Autumn Ryan,
Wellington, Florida
As another Anniversary year gets closer my heart fills with that heavy weight of losing you. But I do get to see you in your son Collin, & your daughter, Autumn continues to show your energy for life, while your wife, Maria, my daughter can not be anymore of a loving, caring and nuturing woman you loved. We love you Jon! and look up to you still, as our brightest star in heaven!!!! Love Mima
Karen Corio,
Lake Worth, Florida
We miss you Jon. and think about you and your family often. aris
aris papageorge,
allenhurst, New Jersey

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