Saturday, September 04, 2010

Mary D. Stanley 9/11/01

I have the honor of paying tribute to Mary D. Stanley. Mrs. Stanley was a vice president at Marsh & McLennan. Mrs. Stanley is survived by her husband, Paul Stanley. She had some great friends, here are some messages left to her from

September 11, 2008
Well Mary, another year has passed without you and Paul and the grands are doing just fine. We all miss you and Maci talks about how nice you were but we all know that. We are keeping up the faith and thinking of you often. Love Arnieze
Arnieze White-Bennett,
New York City, New York

When my wife, Patricia and I married, you were there! As we prepared for the birth of our first child, you gave us so many, many baby shower gift. Thanks for the love shown to us. May God be with you, Paul, and thanks again Mary for all the love shown to us.Harold and Patricia Hills & family
Harold Hills,
Brooklyn, New York

My husband, Mario Balzan, aunt, Mary Stanley was a victim of September 11th. We live in Brampton, Ontario, just north of Toronto. We attended the Marsh memorial service for the families at St. Patrick's Cathedral on September 28th. We still have had no word of Mary's remains being found, however, we would like New Yorkers and all Americans to know how devastated and sorry we are, despite our own grief for the sorrow and trauma your city and nation has experienced from this horrific and senseless act of terrorism. Please know that all Canadians are your friends and allies. Our troops left Halifax, Nova Scotia last weekend on our 3 frigates and destroyers-navy, air force and grounds personnel to fight for what we, as Canadians, feel is our duty to protect- freedom and democracy for all people, and especially we are fighting hand in hand with you, our friends, the Americans.Please accept our deepest condolences on all of your losses and may there be peace in the world someday soon. God bless America and Canada, the lands of the free and the homes of the brave (as our anthem says).Sincerely,Lynn Berry and Mario BalzanBrampton, Ont. CANADA
Lynn Berry,
Brampton, Ontario

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Gilbert Spigelman said...

Mary, on this 10 year anniversary of this tragedy, we will never forget the wonderful person you are. I'm Gilbert, the son of Idalia Rodriguez, a good friend of yours. You visited us in Orlando three weeks before this event and I thank God we had an opportunity to spend a week with you; without knowing this would be our last time together.

May God bless your spirit and that of your family. We will always love you.