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Alexandru Liviu Stan 9/11/01

I have the honor of paying tribute to Alexandru Liviu Stan, 34, of New York City, a consultant at Cantor Fitzgerald. Alex's wife, Corina also worked for Cantor Fitzgerald and she too died on September 11, 2001.
Here are some messages that were left for each of them from
My deepest condolences to Corina's family and friends. She was one of those truly wonderful women who deeply loved life. A strong and happy women with many interests. I recall when she had her hair cut shorter and I told her she looked like a cute little pixie,that pleased her. A wonderful neighbor who we all pray for daily. May you rest in peace and in Gods Kingdom with your loving husband Alex.
Patricia Maloney,
Middle Village, New York

April 19, 2002
God Bless your souls Alex and Corina. I had the honor of meeting Alex only one time in the Spring of 1996 when my husband who was working with Alex at a company in Stamford Connecticut invited him for a Sunday lunch. Alex brought flowers and wonderful Romanian cake. He struck me with his wit and intelligence. I was shocked to see and recognize his picture on this site. I just cannot forget that Sunday when a young , smart Romanian fellow visited my family for lunch. I keep thinking about his parents and brother. I just wish there would be something ease the pain for Alex's and Corina's family.There are no words... Nothing could be done... Still I will always remember that Spring Sunday in 1996. Dumnezeu sa va odihneasca in pace Alex si Corina.
Cristina Zanfir - Dutta,
Farifield CT
October 08, 2002
Odihneasca -se in pace! E atat de trist ca atatia oameni au murit nevinovati. Duminica voi aprinde o lumanare pentru linistea romanilor ucisi pe 11 Septembrie 2001.
Liubliana, Slovenia
September 16, 2002
Dumnezeu sa te aiba in paza lui Corina si sa dea familiei tale putere sa mearga mai departe.
Dana Marinescu,
Montreal, Quebec

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