Saturday, September 04, 2010

Lt. Vernon Allan Richard 9/11/01

I have the honor of paying tribute to Lt. Vernon Allan Richard. Vernon Richard, his wife, Dorothy, recalled, "loved anything that had to do with roller coasters." His daughter, Vernessa, a college student, recalled the same thing."When I'd come home for the summer, we'd go to Great Adventure," Vernessa Richard said, "and he'd look up at the roller coaster and go 'Wow! Let's go on that!' The excitement on his face!"

Lieutenant Richard, 53, was a 24-year veteran of the Fire Department. A member of Ladder Company 7 in Manhattan, he was to have been promoted to captain in November, an elevation that occurred posthumously. A weight lifter and jogger (he ran six New York City Marathons), he sang in the choir at the First Baptist Church in Spring Valley, N.Y., near his home in Nanuet. His voice , a deep baritone, was memorable. "When I played high school ball, and there were maybe 500 people in the stands, I'd hear nothing but his voice," said his son, Vernon II. "He'd be saying, 'Go to work, Vernon.'

Till this day I think about and miss my uncle... I miss his laughter and how he used to cut my sandwiches for lunch... till this day I cut my sandwiches just like my Uncle Vernon... He will always be missed but never forgotten and will always live in our hearts.. RIP Captain Vernon A Richard I... 9-10-09
*** Posted by Shabrina P on 2009-09-09 ***
Lt Vernon was my friend since we were teenagers, and I was deeply sad when I heard he lost his life on Sept 11. He will be missed deeply.
*** Posted by jackie jones on 2008-10-15 ***
On 9-11-08 I participated in a memorial stair climb in Denver Colorado and was given the name and picture of Lt. Vernon A. Richard. I didn't know Lt Richard, and I haven't even been to New York. I, like most Americans, watched the events of 9-11-01 on TV. I just wanted to take the time to honor Lt Richard and the other 342 firefighters that gave their lives on that day in an effort to save thousands of people. I also wanted to tell the family of Lt Richard how sorry I am for their loss and that the thoughts and prayers of my family are with them. I was honored to climb in his memory.Lt Steve KornegayWest Metro Fire RescueLakewood, Colorado
*** Posted by Steve Kornegay West Metro Fire Rescue on 2008-09-13 ***
Seven years after Sept 11, I still think about and miss my friend and brother in the Lord, Vernon.
*** Posted by Capt Carlos Vazquez, FDNY on 2008-08-26 ***
Captain Vernon Allen Richard was my uncle.Thie one thing that I remember about him the most was his smile. He was always happy. He loved his family and his friends. He was proud to be a firefighter!We miss him!
*** Posted by Debra Shareef on 2006-09-11 ***


Cathy said...

I think of all the victims that day... those going in to save others is the most cruel.

Thank you for remembering Vernon Allan Richard.

Marian said...

Today, I feel slightly better but nothing will fill the void Vernon's loss left in his family's life. I had lost touch with my cousin...I live quite far away...but he was my favorite. He was kind and I will always remember his kindness and how happy he always seemed. I will never forget what took him from us.
Marian R.

Kelly said...

I'm sorry you lost your cousin. From what I read of him he sounded like a great guy.

Frank D said...

Thought about Vernon today. We did a few marathon training runs together back in the 90's. Also talked about roller coasters. Was a great guy!