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Lt. Cmdr. Ronald James Vauk 9/11/01

I have the honor of paying tribute to Lt. Cmdr. Ronald James Vauk. Lt. Cmdr. Vauk worked in the Pentagon on September 11, 2001 as a Watch commander for the U.S. Navy.

Born in Nampa, Idaho, Vauk was a 1987 graduate of the Naval Academy, where he earned a degree in political science. He served on the submarines USS Glenard P. Lipscomb and the USS Oklahoma City, attaining the rank of Lieutenant Commander and receiving several medals and commendations. After about seven years of active duty, he entered the reserves and began working for Delex Corp. in Tyson's Corner, Virginia, where he was project manager for naval contracts.
A devoted family man, Commander Vauk also enjoyed woodworking and golf.

He is survived by his wife of 14 years, the former Jennifer Mooney, who is expecting a child in November, and their 3-year-old son, Liam; four brothers, Charles Vauk of Boise, Idaho, David Vauk of Nampa, Gary Vauk of Grapevine, Texas, and Dennis Vauk of Houston; and four sisters, Teri Masterson of Carson City, Nev., Celia Shikuma of Huntington Beach, Calif., Lynne Caba of Nampa and Patricia Vauk of Minneapolis.

"He listed his first goal to be the best father and husband he could be," DeBoy said. "Ron stood watch for the nation on September 11. Now he stands watch for all of us."
DeBoy said Vauk was a dedicated son. Every year he returned to Nampa to visit his parents, Hubert and Dorothy Vauk. He was talented, funny and a playful teaser.
A 1982 Nampa High School graduate, Vauk was the baby of the family who always won at Scrabble, DeBoy said.

Some quotes that I found:

Jennifer, Ed and I said a prayer together for you, Ron, and your lovely family. We still look at photo's from past Wardroom gatherings and smile at the wonderful times we had and to this day relive with big smiles and laughter. May God keep you safe and know your are in our thoughts. Love and hugs, Ed and Kathy Dempsey
Kathy Dempsey,
Leesburg, Virginia

Dear Jennifer,I'm one of the crazy crowd from St. Paul's in Nampa that grew up with Ron. We had a big group of friends in our high school years that really got us all through those times, group "dates" to dances, etc. In senior year, Ron and I were voted "most intelligent" together - though I personally think he should have also gotten a special award - "most mischievous!" I cherish his memory and smile every time I think of him - except knowing that he is gone. I hope that this anniversary of his death finds you strong and in the loving arms of your children. Bless you.
Stephanie Jocums,
Eugene, Oregon

To the Vauk family:I went to school with Ronnie clear back at St. Pauls Elementary. Yes, he is still Ronnie to me. He was certainly a special person who was very smart and had a wonderful sense of humor. I find myself going by St. Pauls and thinking of the days when we were kids and all the fun and tears we had together making it clear to the sixth grade.he was.
Patty Neavill, Ronnie was dearly loved by many who considered him a friend and it is very hard to forget how special he was.
Nampa, Idaho

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Cathy said... be the best father and husband.

Thank you for remembering Ronald Vauk.