Saturday, September 04, 2010

Alan N. Palumbo 9/11/01

I have the honor of paying tribute to Alan N. Palumbo. I was not able to find a picture for him for my post - sorry about that. Alan worked for Cantor Fitzgerald on September 11, 2001. A Curtis High School graduate and Army veteran, he spent most of his life in his native Rosebank before settling in Richmond a decade ago.
Mr. Palumbo lost his parents and a brother at a young age, but stayed close to his family through the years. He was especially fond of his niece, Allison Nicole Palumbo, whom her mother named after her Uncle Alan. In addition to his brother, Gary, surviving are his sister, Donna Palumbo, and another brother, Doug Hersch.
A broker at Cantor Fitzgerald, he never skimped on quality. "He lived a good life," said his brother, Gary Hersch. "He ate the best, drank the best and went top-shelf wherever he went. I don't think he had any regrets." Palumbo also stayed tight with a neighborhood group of childhood friends. "He was a character," said Mark Unrein, a friend. "He excelled in all the neighborhood games. Basketball, cards, stickball, pitching quarters."
m look at your picture as I write this. I wish I could tell everyone what a wonderful person you really were. You were such a tough guy on the outside but a real caring person deep down and I miss that part of you so much. Carly just talks about you every day. Her dad went on a plane ride and she just figured when he was up there that he could pick you up and bring you home to us, they overheard her tell her brother that. Its amazing the way a child's mind works. She misses you so much and so do I. I hope everyday that you are safe now and I joke all the time and say that God did not know what he was in for with you there, I figure you have everyone laughing with the way you joke around and that makes it that much easier for me. I will never ever forget you and the big heart that you always hid but I got you to show it. I miss you everyday.
Love Barbara
Staten Island, New York


Cathy said...

No doubt Alan was topshelf too. Thank you for remembering.

Jack_Perlman said...

I stood by the 9/11 Memorial and looked down to see Alan’s name carved into the wall of the place where the Trade Building once stood. From this day on I will always think of Alan when someone or something brings up 9/11.