Sunday, September 05, 2010

Major Ronald D. Milam 9/11/01

I have the honor of paying tribute to Major Ronald Milam. Major Milam was married with one child and had another baby on the way. He was married to Captain Jacqueline Milam and was 33 years old.
There is a very touching memorial to Major Milam on

Here are some other memories left for Major Milam, left by those who knew and loved him. Bless you Major Milam, you sound like the best of Americans.

I was stationed with Ronald in Germany. He was a lieutenant then, and I had a great time schooling him on the basketball court. This brother is truly missed, and we will never be the same. Brother, I know that you are doing well in God's arms. To the family, please accept my condolences and prayers. Take care, Brother. Posted by Mark Lovelace on 2008-04-09

On behalf of our Family, "The Nunleys". I would just like express our love for Ron. He was a nephew and cousin to all of us. We will always miss him. We all grew up as a very close and happy family. He always brought joy to each of us. This day 9/11 will always mark a sad day in our lives... but he will always be a joy in our hearts. I can truly say that on behalf our family we will always miss him.
Jackie, Myjoi and Ron, Jr. we love you and want to always keep you in touch and in our hearts. Love, The Nunleys Posted by CYNTHIA NUNLEY-LOVE on 2007-09-12
Ron, you are truely missed... thinking about you always..... We all miss you sooooooo much......Posted by Cousin Karliss Preyer on 2006-09-30

Ron was like a big brother in more ways than one. I grew up with him, staying at their house and looking up to him when I was younger. He is and will always be a HERO to me. Posted by Gregory Curl on 2006-09-11

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Cathy said...

Thank you for remembering Ronald Milam.

All this work you have done so that we have the opportunity to never forget.... Thank you!!