Saturday, September 04, 2010

Timothy John Coughlin 9/11/01

I have the honor of paying tribute to Timothy John Coughlin. Timothy worked at Cantor Fitzgerald in the WTC on September 11, 2001. He is survived by his wife, Maura and his children Ryann, 4, Sean, 2, and Riley, 9 months old.

Some quotes that I found online showing how loved Timothy Coughlin was:

Hey Cogs, Thinking about you....The Pope was at ground Zero saying a prayer for you and all who died on that fateful day in 2001. Your always in my prayers...Peace..
William Deehan,
Toms River, New
a friend,
New York
Tim, It hardly seems like two years. Lots of memories over the years. Funny what life brings and takes away. Being friends before I met and married your cousin was purely my good fortune. You always treated people the way you wanted to be treated. I hope you know how much you taught us all about life. We miss you!
Frank Rizzo,
Paramus, New Jersey
Happy St Paddys day Cogs... Big East tourney aint the same without you...peace bro...
a friend,
Hey Cogs,It is 1 year and to say the world is not quite the same without your presence is an understatement.I can only remember my first Cogs siting at Garban.One that is so memorable and powerful that I am grateful that it is so clear still to me.The RMJ Posse came to Garban ( Joe, Glenn , Morts and you) and it was truly something to witness. You directed and traded a gazillion Treasury Bills and every other trading desk in the room literally stopped. All of the novice brokers in that room at that time knew that this was a defining moment in there own careers. "I want to be just like Timmy Couglin" a power broker.Your children should know that your personality and leadership were incomparable to few others.The way you wore a pink shirt and the bandanna in the back pocket is also a memory that can bring a smile to those who remember.Tommy Hilfiger probably should have known that you could have been his original model. I am so happy that you found happiness with your family. The world is such a different place without you.Miss your big Irish face.Anonymous............
New York

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Frank Bice said...


It's been years but I think about you all the time. Sports as kids - you blocking my shots in hoops, running by me in football, scoring 2 goals and picking up a million ground balls in a summer lax game. Watching you race against Johnny Driscoll at St. Mary's Elementary School. Parking cars at Plandome and watching you drive off in the nicest car. I met Pope John Paul II 3 times and every time he looked at me I thought of you - same intensity and passion for life. You were the best fighter in Manhasset - I found out the hard way when I bit your finger in Lamplight. I had your daughter as a student at SHA. Amazing kid. I received the Timothy J. Coughlin Award at St. Mary's last year. Greatest honor of my life. Thank you, Tim, for your spirit. Frank Bice