Sunday, September 05, 2010

Gregg Harold Smallwood 9/11/01

I have the honor of paying tribute to Gregg Smallwood. I am sorry, I could not find a picture online of him. He was killed in the Pentagon at age 44. Left behind was his wife Lisa and his three daughters; Wendy, Lynn and Valerie. Mr. Smallwood was a Chief Information Systems Technician in the Navy.

Some tributes that I found:
August 05, 2010
I was listening to a song on the way to work this morning, God Bless the USA and it made me think of Gregg and all the other service members as well as civilians that lost their lives that terrible day. I'm so proud to serve where so many brave men and women just like Gregg served before. I hope that if Gregg has found any time to watch me that he is proud of me in some capacity and I will always try to remember Gregg and work harder because of him. Hooyah Chief!
Petty Officer 2nd Class Albert Swanson, Visalia, California
July 30, 2009
Happy Birthday!!!
~ Doug Abraham, Livonia, Michigan June 18, 2009
I did not know Greg but, knew of him while working with his wife Lisa. My husband was also in the pentagon on 9/11. The next morning Lisa called me and asked if my husband was safe, when I told her yes, I asked about Greg and she said he had not come home...
I will never forget Lisa calling me during her own tragedy. What a gracious woman. Please know you have been in my thoughts often over these years and Greg always in my prayers.
Wally Grosz, Belleville, Illinois
Thinking about you and your family today, cousin.
Posted by Holly Million on 2009-09-11

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Holly Million said...

I always think of you on 9-11... God be with you, cousin
Holly Million