Sunday, September 05, 2010

Andrew Garcia 9/11/01

I have the honor of paying tribute to Andrew Garcia. He was killed on Flight 93 on September 11th. He was 62, but most people wouldn't have believed it if they met him. Andrew Garcia kept active, both physically and mentally, and loved to play tricks on people. The President and founder of Cinco Group, Inc. He is survived by his wife, Dorothy; daughters, Kelly Garcia and Audrey Olive; and son, Andrew. Three months after the crash his widow Dorothy received a gift from the FBI wrapped in velvet; her husbands wedding ring. What a gift that must have been and she is quoted as saying, "God has answered my prayers." I am so sorry you lost your husband. I found a picture from their wedding, I hope that is okay. I used it because it's such a glorious picture. Andrew Garcia was obviously well loved.

September 11, 2009
Andy was a customer in a small packaging store that I worked in while living in California. I was "stunned" when I heard the news. My birthday is September 11th, and every year, I think of the wonderful guy that came in and bought a bag of packing peanuts or a few boxes, that always had a kind gentle smile on his face. He was a blessing to know...
Deb Lovell Adams
Seattle, WA (formerly of San Carlos, CA) September 14, 2008
WE WILL NEVER FORGET!!! You are in our thoughts and prayers!!!
Lori Guyton, Eatonton, Georgia

Some memories that have been left for him:

You are thought of often and missed daily.
Posted by Laura on 2009-09-11

It's a great comfort to know you were with my best friend in the end. Thanks to all the heroes on United 93 together in heaven. I feel peace knowing you, Cee Cee, and all our heroes are watching over me and my family.
Posted by Lacey on 2008-09-15
God bless you, Andrew! Rest in peace. xx
Posted by Jenny on 2008-03-30

September 13, 2005
It has been many months since I learned of Andy's death and with the recent special on Discovery, I am again reminded of the man that he was and will always remain to be in my memory, a brave courageous man that thought of others first and foremost.
The many business trips that we took together while I was with Englehard will always be full of more than memories of customer visits and sales, it will full of the fatherly advice that he gave me about life that I still use to this day.
I miss him dearly, and hope that you and your family are well.
Dwayne Johnson, Jackson, New Jersey
September 12, 2002
To the Garcia Family,
My name is Susan Hiscock and I am the mother of three boys ages 12, 16 and 18. I was washing my son's school uniform and pulled a sticker off the front of his sweater. On the sticker was written, Andrew Garcia 62. I asked him what it meant. He said that was who he prayed for during the memorial service at his school, St. Bonaventure's College, on Sept. 11, 2002. I thought your family would like to know that a 12 year old boy in Newfoundland, Canada, prayed for your husband, father and grandfather. We seached the internet and can now put a face to Andrew Garcia. I will keep the sticker and we will keep him in our prayers and our hearts. Although we're at the opposite end of the continent we feel a connection to you. Also, many thousands of stranded U.S. passengers landed in Nfld. on Sept.11, 2001. We had two ladies from Kentucky stay at our home during the time that flights were grounded. May God give you strength. We'll keep you in our hearts. Love from the Hiscock family.
Susan Hiscock, St. John's, Newfoundland


Cathy said...

Andrew Garcia another reluctant hero of Flight 93. Thank you for remembering and honoring him.

Cathy said...

thank you again.

Del Lunde said...

I still continue to remember Andy.
He was a great guy.